A Message from Dolphin: How to Cultivate Joy in Challenging Times

Dolphin message - Give Your Dream Wings - Marianne Soucy 940 shOne of my favorite ways of receiving healing and guidance in my life is by connecting with animals and spirit guides through Sacred Spirit Journeys. For this second part of our animal and spirit messages for living a joyful life series (see part 1 here), I did a Sacred Spirit Journey to ask if there was an animal who has insights for us on how to cultivate joy in challenging times.

As I begin the Sacred Spirit Journey, I instantly find myself by the sea, and the water is filled with joyful, happy, playing dolphins.

I walk out into the water, and one of the dolphins comes over to me and says:

jumping dolphin 400 - Give Your Dream Wings Marianne Soucy“We’re so excited you came, so we can share our message of joy with you.

We LIVE JOY in every moment – living the joy of the carefree present moment. Whenever you worry about something, you’re not in the present moment – you’re either in the past or in the future.

In the present there is only the peace and joy of the everlasting NOW. It is in the space of the Now your joy will unfold, for joy is your true nature. In the present you experience yourself as limitless – as the infinite being you are. All worries and concerns are transient – they pass, and only your experience of the Now remains. As you allow yourself to let go of resistance and become fully present in the now, your mind gets clear, and solutions will more easily present themselves.

So when you’re facing a challenge, take a ‘time-out’ where you return to you and return to joy – and being in this space, ask for a solution.

Keep your mind alert and open, and pay attention to what happens, for as you become present in the Now, you connect with your soul – and your soul has access to the infinite wisdom of the universe.

The universe speaks to you OF joy and WITH joy each day. Notice that when you go about your daily life.

Watch us dolphins swimming here, listen to the birds singing their song, look at the flowers blooming, and as you connect with joy, you connect with you.

With joy, challenges become manageable, with joy you begin living, and with joy, you discover that solutions to your questions come easier to you when you let go and return to joy.

What can you do today to bring joy into your life?”

I thank the dolphins, and watch them swim with joy. I then thank my spirit guide and end the journey.

Suggested action steps

1) What can you do today to bring joy into your life? 2) Next time you face a challenge, try out the suggestion mentioned above to take a ‘time-out’ where you return to peace, to you and to the joy of the present moment and from that place ask for a solution.

Please share your thoughts and insights in the comments section below.

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