A Secret To Empowerment & Transformation – An Animal Wisdom Message

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So many of us are looking for guidance on becoming empowered and transforming our lives. We are tired of feeling helpless and living according to other people’s agenda; hiding our light while doing things or work that is not meaningful to us. We are looking for ways to take charge of our life, and create a fulfilling life where we can live and express our authentic self and share our gifts with the world. A life where we can meet each day with joy, doing what we what, when we want, while feeling that we are expressing our soul and making a contribution to the world.

Today I’ll share a spiritual message from a source you may not have expected or recognized as a teacher: Bee – the humble being whose future on Earth is now threatened, especially because of the use of pesticides, as you may have read in the news, Bee is an important pollinator, and if bees become extinct, it is not only a sad loss of an amazing being, it will also have severe effects on the Earth and the lives of us humans.

The message from Bee, you are about to read, is very beautiful, empowering and inspiring, and I invite you to let go of any doubts you may have and to let go of all distractions, just for a few minutes while you read Bee’s message for us. It touched me deeply when I received it, and it is my wish that it will inspire you on your soul’s journey here on Earth.

I receive my spiritual messages through Sacred Spirit Journeys, a modification of shamanic journeys, where I’m able to receive long messages from animals, spirit guides and others I communicate with, and capture their actual words (as opposed to paraphrasing).

Besides the message itself, I will be sharing a little of the preparations I do for the journey in order to give you insights into the process and to give you an idea how the Tree Grounding Meditation can also be used, if you develop it and practice it regularly.

Let’s begin:

As I prepare for the Sacred Spirit Journey to receive a message of empowerment and transformation, a huge part of my preparations is to become fully present in my body and in the place I’m in.

I allow myself to be here now. Filling out my body with my awareness. I take a deep breath in and relax into peace and presence on the exhalation. Listening to the sounds. The sounds, that I sometimes catch myself labeling ’noise’, are part of the experience. I know the peace and stillness I seek is within.

Then I imagine sending down roots into the Earth. The spring earth feels like it’s just waking up after winter. I feel firmly rooted and grounded. Then I allow myself to grow upwards, growing out a wide tree crown, with leaves and soon after: flowers that look like they could be apple or cherry blossoms.

I step out from the tree into the ’spirit landscape’. It’s a meadow-like landscape with grass, trees, bushes. I go close to the tree and look at the flowers close up. Each is so beautiful and perfect that it touches my soul.

Animal wisdom - Bee
A bee comes by, lands on a flower, looks at me and says:

“Your own soul is beautiful and perfect too. Go within with the intention of connecting with your soul – the light which is at the core of your being. The part of you who knows and holds the eternal truths and the key to your transformation and empowerment.

You connect with your soul when you listen to your heart; when you open your heart to nature and other beings and recognize them as yourself.

We are all connected at a deep level. What an empowering thought that is! When you listen to your soul with an open heart and allow yourself to be guided by your soul, your path will be filled with guides and companions to light the way, brighten your day, and empower and inspire you.

In your daily life, you may not even notice a small creature like me, but if you pay attention and recognize my gifts and qualities, you will be filled with gratitude; for just as your compassionate actions make a difference in the world, so is my work and my living, essential to a flourishing Earth.

Bee Wisdom - connect with soul - Marianne Soucy Give Your Dream Wings
Empowerment isn’t truly yours until you have connected with your soul and begun to see yourself as an integral part of nature – as related to and connected with all of us animals and nature beings. We’re all part of this magnificent Earth, and acknowledging ourselves and each other is the key to harmony; to empowerment.

Empowerment, as you see, is more than just going within; it’s going without as well and experiencing yourself as part of a greater whole.

Empowerment is taking responsibility for who you are, what you do and for joining us in our continuing effort to allow this beautiful Earth to flourish.

I will continue my work now so that I may live, and so that the flowers may bloom and later produce wonderful fruits for you and others to eat and for the trees and plants to be able to continue living, growing, sharing their beauty and light.

One practice I recommend is a daily practice of gratitude.

Experience and show your appreciation both to yourself and to the world around you.

Gratitude and appreciation centers you in the present and allows you to discover the beauty, power and light which shines within you and around you.

Blessings and light to you and yours.”

I thank the Bee, we say goodbye and I watch bee flying off – from flower to flower.

I am left with a smile on my face and a deep sense of gratitude in my heart. I end the journey.

Your next step

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  1. Love this message Marianne. Gratitude has literally saved my life 🙂
    Much Love,

  2. What a beautiful message from your Bee friend, Marianne. Nature has so much wisdom to share with us and I’m so glad that you have found a way to deeply connect with this wisdom. I look forward to your future posts 🙂

  3. I love this message from the bee. It is beautiful. I agree that empowerment comes from our connection to our soul. Thank you Marianne!

  4. What a beautiful message you’ve shared from Bee. What hit me at the core was the message “Empowerment is more than just going within, it’s about going without & experiencing yourself as part of a greater whole.” I practice mindfulness and often notice the little things/beings I come across in my day that others do not. I am always grateful for these little gifts. 🙂

  5. Truly lovely! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with us and profound message. Thank you Bee

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