A Spiritual Perspective on the Season of Spring

A spiritual perspective on the season of spring Marianne Soucy GIve Your  Dream Wings
One of my favorite sources of wisdom, inspiration and guidance is connecting with spirit, and since we are entering the season of spring, I took the opportunity in a recent Sacred Spirit Journey to ask my spirit guide for his insights on the spring season. The following is what happened:

As I began the journey, I find myself in a forest on a sunny spring day.

My spirit guide is with me as we walk through the forest. We come to the edge and look out on a meadow. The edge of the forest has many blooming trees; I see lilacs, and some that look like hawthorn. Out in the meadow is an apple tree – also blooming. The birds are singing, the bees buzzing.

There’s a feeling of grace, of gratitude – for being given another chance to experience the miracle that spring is.

My spirit guide says:

“Spring is the return of the sun – the giver of life and light.

Spring is a time for gratitude – for giving thanks for the blessings in your life and in the world around you.

Just as the sun shines – equally on all, so let the sun be your teacher. As you give thanks for your blessings, and take steps to show your appreciation in the same way the sun does – without judging, equally to all. The same way an animal companion gives unconditional love.

Recognize as you move into the season of spring, that we are all co-creators of this world, and while the sun is an important part, each element, being, plant, animal – all of you and all of us have their own place and their own part to play. You would not be able to breathe without air; and without water, you wouldn’t survive either.

Watch all the life around you growing, unfolding, each expressing their own uniqueness. Let spring be a time where you connect with, embrace and express your own uniqueness. A time where you let the seed within you grow, and the light inside you shine again, so bright it brings light, life and joy to others.”

I thank my spirit guide and end the journey.

With this inspiring message, let’s turn to you:

As spring comes, why not let this season of new beginnings also be a season of new beginnings in your life?

With spring comes a newness and a sensitivity to be honored and respected.

Spring gives you an opportunity to let go of what you don’t need anymore.

Spring can also be a chance for you to move into a greater awareness of what influences you have in your life and effects they have. Are they all part of your new ‘self’? Are they contributing to your growth and the unfolding and expression of your soul and the opening of your heart?

Look at what and who’s around you, but look also within to shine a light on behaviors, habits, thoughts, beliefs, you need to ‘weed out’, or let go of.

Or perhaps, like me, you also have some physical ‘stuff’ you want to let go of as well.

Do you feel inspired to create a renewed ‘spring self’ and enter this season as a lighter, more balanced, positive, inspired you?

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  1. Beautiful post Marianne! I love spring! perfect time to bloom in so many ways! Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. I love you message from your spirit guides and i love spring- one thing I miss living where we don’t experiince the change of seasons i did as a child growing up in Canberra thanks xx

  3. TY Marianne ~ Spring is indeed a time for new Beginnings ~ Rebirth of Spirit & Soul ~

  4. I LOVE SPRING!!! This is beautiful! I always am most inspired and receive guidance and insight in the Spring.

  5. I love the newness of spring, for me it symbolizes new beginnings more than New Year. I love decluttering all year long but especially in Spring. It helps me to let go of all unwanted and unhelpful patterns and behaviors. Thanking your spirit guides for this renewing message.

  6. kimberly says

    Beautiful and inspiring post! I love the cycle of things, the renewal of life and dreams… I am glad I read your post first thing this morning!

  7. To me spring is like Monday. It’s the time to make good things happen. The time for a new chance to do things we love. Great post Marianne!

  8. Colleen says

    Oh, I LOVE this : accepting the uniqueness of all of Life as well as our own uniqueness as it unfolds. Lovely post!

  9. Beautiful message from the season of Spring, Marianne. I definitely love watching life grow all around me in the springtime.

  10. A great post. I needed that reminder that Spring is a time is a time for new beginnings. My boyfriend and I are planning to move back to the USA soon (he is German and I am from there), and we’re in the process of A LOT of change. I’m a bit nervous about the relocation–since we are both going without securing jobs–but I am certain it will all work out. Thank you for this lovely post, Marianne! Lots of love.

  11. What a beautiful and empowering journey. I feel the energy of the spring season as a great opportunity to renew and create and cleanse, thank you for the inspiration.

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