A Secret To Empowerment & Transformation – An Animal Wisdom Message

So many of us are looking for guidance on becoming empowered and transforming our lives. We are tired of feeling helpless and living according to other people’s agenda; hiding our light while doing things or work … [Read more...]

‘Should I give up on my dream?’

'Should I follow or give up on my dream?' is a question that many people ask themselves. Recently, that question came up in a reading with one of my clients. This article is an excerpt of the reading I did for … [Read more...]

Spirit support and guidance for the release of the book “365 Ways To Connect With Your Soul”

As I and more than 200 soulful co-authors are preparing for the release of Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck's book "365 Ways To Connect With Your Soul" the 17th of November 2015, I had been experiencing quite a lot of … [Read more...]

You got a power animal retrieval – now what?

Spirit insights on how to work with your animal spirit guide Since you are reading this article, it is likely you have been connected with a power animal or animal spirit guide, but you’re not sure what to do next. … [Read more...]

A Message from Dolphin: How to Cultivate Joy in Challenging Times

One of my favorite ways of receiving healing and guidance in my life is by connecting with animals and spirit guides through Sacred Spirit Journeys. For this second part of our animal and spirit messages for living … [Read more...]

Widening The Circle Of Compassion – Hedgehog Wisdom

This article is number 4 in the “Widening The Circle Of Compassion” series. While you can read this article independently, I invite you to read all the articles in the series where you will meet fox, spider, and … [Read more...]

Like a true king – Cecil the Lion speaks

On July 1st (2015), the well-known lion Cecil was brutally killed by an American hunter in Zimbabwe, and understandably, there's a general outrage and sadness worldwide after the loss of this great creature. I … [Read more...]

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