April Love Musings 3 – Dear Feet

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It really is all about gratitude and awareness, isn’t it? About developing an attitude of appreciation and being fully present as we go about our daily life.

Today’s love letter is to my feet. When I first saw the prompt for today (as part of Susannah Conway’s April Love 2016 ‘challenge’), I noticed that I had a little bit of a reaction to it. What could I possibly write about and to my feet? But now, I realize that there’s so much to say that I can’t possibly put it into one blog post. So here is my letter:

Dear feet, I’m sorry for taking your for granted sometimes in my busy life. For not paying attention and taking action as soon as I noticed your signs of discomfort with the shoes I had been wearing. But now that I am ‘painfully’ aware of how crucial you are to my well-functioning existence; to getting all the things done I want to do, I won’t take you for granted anymore.

I vow to keep up practicing gratitude and mindfulness, so that I keep getting better at listening to the signs from my body which tell me that I need to take better care of myself.

Why is it that so many of us tend to down-prioritize ourselves? Self-care is way down on our ‘to-do list’. Even when we have a daily yoga practice – as I do – and are generally aware in our daily life, if we don’t carry that awareness and self-care from our morning ritual over in what we do the rest of the day, that morning routine of self-care will only take us so far.

It’s what we do when we get stressed or challenged, when we are too busy and the demands of the world weigh down on us that really determines the state of our health and well-being.

So you dear feet, know that I am listening, and that I acknowledge everything you do each day for me – tirelessly, non-stop. Thank you!

I will be better at taking care of you, and I will become more aware of how I walk in the world – in all the aspects of the word. More mindful and with an attitude of appreciation.

I’m reminded of the messages I received about walking in the world from two animals I connected with in the afterlife:

My own angel cat Kia said in one of her messages to me:

“Walk the Earth with soft steps, touching everyone you meet with your love.”

And an angel dog said in a message to her grieving human companion:

“I chose to walk the Earth lightly, leaving only the paw prints in the hearts of those I love. For love is the only thing that matters.”

With those messages in mind – and in my heart, I will end this letter.


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