April Love Musings 6: Dear Books

Dear books - April Love Musings by Marianne Soucy Give Your Dream Wings
Dear Books,

You came into my life very early, and you have been a companion to me throughout my life. It’s interesting when I look at how my connection with you has evolved.

When I was a child, one of the ‘books’ l that was a big part of my life wasn’t really a book; it was Donald Duck. It’s hard not to smile and discard Donald Duck comic books as not ‘real’ books. Well, the truth is that they helped, supported and inspired me during a big part of my childhood, helped me cope with challenging situations in my life, allowed me to dream and accompany the characters on their adventures I couldn’t go on in my ‘real’ life. Back then, the drawings were much nicer than now (in my opinion), and some of the stories were fascinating.

Soon I started reading regular books – the books I had to read at school, and the books I chose to read at home.

I remember sometimes going to the library with my father after dinner. We both liked books, and we would take an evening walk after dinner, go by the library to see what exciting books we could find that day. Afterwards, we went for a walk, looking at the houses and gardens on the way home.

As I move forward to the present, I see how much my relationship with you, Books, has changed. You see, for several years now, I have been drawn to not so much read a lot, but instead write.

Writing is now an important part of my life.

Writing used to be hard, although I was always pretty good at it – it was hard work. But I knew it didn’t need to be hard, because a few times as I was growing up, I experienced how I wasn’t doing the writing; it was more like the words came to me or through me, easily flowing out onto the paper.

I never figured out how to regain that experience until 2012, when my beloved cat Kia died, I felt terrible guilt because she died alone in an animal hospital. I felt the need to contact her and ask if she was okay and she could forgive me, and it was hard to do my usual shamanic journeys because I was unable to focus through my grief.

That was when I developed my Sacred Spirit Writing technique which enabled me to connect with Kia and capture her messages in her own words. It was magical. It took some practice, of course, and with this technique, most of the work was about getting myself out of the way. It’s actually very simple and yet, not easy. Since then, my writing has expanded to include spiritual healing and wisdom messages from animals, spirit guides, plants and magical/mythical animals, etc.

I recently started ‘Marianne’s Musings’. At first, I resisted doing them and thought of them as ‘ramblings’, but when I saw the result, and people’s response to them, I decided to embrace the term Musings and explore them – and see where they will lead me.

You never know, it could be that I will turn some of them into a Book.

So, dear Books, thanks again for your inspiration and wisdom, and for the opportunity to learn about life, about imagination, and about me.

With gratitude,

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  1. Books have been my first love ever since I can remember Marianne. So this beautiful love letter especially resonated with me.
    Thank you.
    Much Love,

  2. Beautiful post Marianne. Books also came to me when I was a child. I remember going to the bookstore and spending hours there (at least that’s how it felt). I would love looking at the wonderful colors and texture of the children’s books but also enjoyed touching and browsing through all other books. I remember this now and still brings a smile to my face. Mmm, wonderful memories.

  3. Beautiful love letter, Marianne!

  4. Marianne, Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with books. Books were an inspiring part of my childhood too. I remember how exciting it was to visit the second hand book store on Saturdays with my Mom and brothers. I could hardly wait to pick up my fresh supply of stories:) I believe those early days inspired my desire to write. It truly is a magical feeling when the words flow through you. <3

  5. Such a visual tribute and connection to books, Marianne! And I do hope you turn your writings into a book. What a beautiful compilation that will be!

  6. Libraries were and still are magical places for me, and for a while I was the school librarian. My love of reading and book s came from my childhood too. I am always disappointed when i go into houses that have no books. Thanks for sharing love suzie

  7. I love this blog Marianne! What a beautiful expression of the power of books in our lives and how writing is both self-expression and therapy! I am a fellow book lover and becoming a published author last year was an absolute joy! Thank you for your inspiration!

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