April Love Musings 8: Dear younger me

Marianne Soucy and Little-black-cat-2-web-291x300Dear younger me,

As I am sitting here as an adult with the intent of reaching out to a younger part of me, I am not in doubt who to reach out to. It’s you, the part of me who as a girl about 12 years old, one summer met a little homeless black kitten in the garden. That magical little back garden in the city surrounded by apartment buildings.

I’m sitting here now, many years later, looking at a photo of you holding the kitten in your arms with such tender love.

I know everything about what you feel – for I AM you.

I know how that little kitten became your best friend for a short time that special summer.

As I see the bond of love, so strong, between you, I almost cannot bear to tell you what’s about to happen.

First of all, let me advise you to make the most of every single moment you share together.

Don’t let the fear of criticism or reprisals hold you back from doing what you know in your heart is right, and from loving and caring for those who reach out to you and that you know need you.

Don’t be afraid of speaking up.

Don’t learn from what the people around you are saying or even by what they are doing. No, go within and find that voice in your heart that so clearly tells you what you must do.

You see, very soon – much too soon – the adults will take your best friend away from you without letting you know – and without letting you say goodbye.

Please find it in your heart to forgive them, for they don’t know what they do. They are too full of fear to open their hearts fully and to walk the path of the heart. Nobody showed them how.

But you are different – even though your heart will break in a million pieces, you’re going to be okay. Just hang in there.

Live your life fully, fearlessly, and follow your heart always. Be the one who lives from the heart and, acts from the heart and cares for those that are too often neglected or even abused.

You don’t know it yet, but your meeting with that little kitten will determine so much of your future path. I can see it clearly now.

Again, let me reassure you that you will be okay. You will need that stubbornness and persistence you know so well.

This summer is the turning point that forces you to seek the wisdom and guidance within. You will know that you can’t rely solely on outside advice, for so often it is tainted with the limitations and fears of those who are giving that advice.

You will be on a long path to heal; to find your home and sanctuary within; to connect with your soul. It’s going to be okay.

Just keep following your heart, and you’ll be guided each step of the way.

Everything and everyone you meet is your teacher. I’m happy to tell you that you will meet and rescue several other cats. You’ll be able to be there for those who have no one and who wouldn’t survive without you.

You’ll even be able to meet them in spirit journeys and communicate with those who have passed!

You have no idea how far you will take that determination that will be arising within you soon to not let anything like what happened to you – happen again. You will be so determined to NOT be like the adults around you. It will take years for you to deal with your own shyness and fears – but let me assure you: It will be worth it!

You will end up with the courage and confidence to walk the path of the heart, to connect with your soul, and to help and speak up for animals and others who can’t speak up for themselves.

You’ll be able to show others the importance of opening their heart and to walk the Earth with compassion.

For now, every day, live fully in the moment. Don’t waste a single minute. Do what you heart tells you.

Spend as much time with the kitten as possible – and meet each day with an awareness and presence as if each day is the last.

I am here in the future, but I’m with you in spirit. You’re in my heart, and I send you all my love and all my strength to support you in the years to come.

Know in your heart that you are never alone. Keep going within and listen to your heart. You’ll find my help, along with many other compassionate helpers right there, with you all the way.

I will end with a couple of beautiful quotes from wonderful animals I have loved that have now passed:

Live in faith.” and “Remember the love.”

Love always from your adult self,

This post is inspired by Susannah Conway’s prompt ‘Dear younger me’ in “April Love 2016”.

You can read the full story of Marianne’s meeting with the kitten in her book “Healing Pet Loss – Practical Steps for Coping & Comforting Messages from Animals and Spirit Guides“.

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  1. This is gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing this piece of your intimate conversation, Marianne.

  2. What a beautiful and tender post, Marianne. I really enjoyed reading it.

  3. Beautiful. What a great prompt and powerful letter, Marianne. Thanks for sharing. xo, Reba

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