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This blog is inspired by a sentence I saw in a book by Cheryl Bridges, ‘Me, Myself, & I ~ 28 Days of Creative Self-Love’. The sentence is in chapter 26 where she mentions Cinderella. It goes like this:

“It is only when Cinderella finds the strength of her voice that she is finally resurrected, once and for all”.

That statement fascinated me, and I decided to dive a little deeper. As I often do to receive insights on a specific topic, I connected with my spirit guide in a Sacred Spirit Journey, and the following is the message I received during that journey on Cinderella finding her voice.

A Sacred Spirit Journey

As I begin the journey, I feel drawn into my heart center and enter there, meeting my spirit guide. He says:

“The heart is the place of your dreams and of imagination. You can use your mind to dream and imagine, but it is the dreams and imaginings of your heart that motivate and inspire you, and touch you at the deepest level.

Fairy tales are stories of a deeper kind with universal images and teachings that never die. Because of that universal nature, they also touch and teach each individual at the place or level they are at.

The story of Cinderella has always been close to you because of her life challenges, the nature and animal connection, and a possibility for a bright future in spite of what your current situation might be.

While there are many lessons in this story, today we’ll focus on that often ignored sequence where she asks to try on the glass slipper.

Although it may seem insignificant, and it has never really stood out to you, you’re now at a point in your life, where you can recognize and fully acknowledge the importance of that action.

It is finding the courage and finding her own voice and speaking up – taking action – that makes all the difference. It’s the moment where she has stopped seeing herself through the limiting judgmental eyes of those around her and she’s in touch with her own soul, voice and strength that she finds the courage to stand up.

No more hiding; no more allowing herself to be suppressed; no longer staying in fear. The moment where she steps forward boldly asking to try on the glass slipper is where everything changes. That is what is happening in your life as you are more and more connecting with your inner voice and power and finding the courage to go out in the world with confidence, authority and with the intention of sharing your transformational gifts with others.

The Cinderella story has inspired and guided you for many years, mirroring to you situations where you let your light be hidden and others run your life. Because if you don’t consciously create, direct and take charge of your life, life WILL happen TO you, and you will end up living other people’s dream instead of your own.

But the story also points to the solution as we have seen.

Another big part in Cinderella’s transformation or resurrection is the support she gets from her animal friends and fairy godmother. Recognizing the support that’s available to you when you need it – and accepting it – is essential as you move through the ‘dark valley’.

You’re not alone in this – let that always be a reminder. Our loving support is yours when you need it.

Love and blessings.”

I thank my spirit guide and end the journey.

A synchronicity

I experienced an interesting synchronicity just after completing this journey. I was on the train while doing the journey (using my Sacred Spirit Writing technique to capture the message from my spirit guide). Before the last stop where I am to get off, we pass through a tunnel, and my station stop is just beyond the tunnel. I had just finished writing and ending the journey and was standing waiting for the train to stop. As the train stopped, it was still dark, so I thought we were still in the tunnel and I didn’t push the ‘open’ button on the doors. Then suddenly a guy next to me did – and the doors opened. It turned out that the darkness was not because we were in the tunnel, but because the train windows had been painted over with graffiti. I got surprised and the thought instantly came to me: “I’m already in the light!”

That experience and the sentence ‘I’m already in the light’ had a deep impact on me, and there is no doubt it was connected to the journey I had just done. What part of the Cinderella story stands out to you and resonates with your own life? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

A note from Marianne:

The quote that inspired this blog can be found in chapter 26: “Oh death” in Cheryl Bridges’ book “Creative Self-Love“, available on Amazon.


  1. I loved the part where she realizes she can no longer hide in fear or be suppressed (just as I am realizing!) And that she knows she is never alone…she always has a guide with her, be it animals, a fairy godmothers or spirit guide! Important reminders for me. Thank you!

  2. I love Cinderella’s story as a representation of times when we have kept our light hidden. What a powerful story of stepping into the light. A deeply touching Sacred Spirit Journey Marianne. Thank you. <3

    • Marianne Soucy says

      I’m happy that the journey resonates with you. And yes, the Cinderella story sure is powerful 🙂

  3. I have worked with women overcoming domestic violence for over 25 years and the most powerful experience I have witnessed is a woman owning and speaking her truth. Not only is it truly transformational but it offers hope and possibility to others. Thank you for your blog!

    • Marianne Soucy says

      Thank you for the work you do, Kelley, with helping women own and speak their truth.

  4. This is such a beautiful expression of claiming your voice, Marianne! This post is so encouraging. I appreciate the deep wisdom of the power of taking action. That allows our light to shine! I remind myself of this often.

  5. Hi Marianne, This post spoke to me so deeply, as I clung to the Cinderella story (and The Little Mermaid as well) throughout the difficulties of my childhood, and those stories are so deeply rooted in my soul. It’s true, it did offer hope and magic, and I really appreciate your point about her act of self-empowerment when she spoke up. Beautiful. xox, Reba

  6. I, too, appreciated your realization “I am already IN the light.” Not always easy to remember. Thank you.

  7. How wonderful! I love the image of Cinderella letting go of seeing herself through the judgmental of others and finding her courage, strength and voice. I am sharing this post with my college-age daughters who will certainly appreciate your “Cinderella Reframe.”

    • Marianne Soucy says

      I’m glad you like the Cinderella ‘reframe’, Melissa. It’s funny; the more I think about the Cinderella story, the more I realize how empowering it actually is.

  8. I love the wisdom from your guide! May we all step into our own glass slippers, find our voice, and embrace our greatness!

  9. Natasha Botkin says

    Beautifully wrtitten and wonderful timing; I, too am coming out of “hiding” to slip on my glass slipper to shine. Thanks Marianne!

  10. I love your channeled writing and “I am in the light”! so often we forget we are always in the light even if all we can see is the dark night of our soul. We need to be in faith to get through it and using your intuition can help you do just that. I love how you talked about using your voice and no longer being suppress not only by others but by ourselves! Bravo!

    • Marianne Soucy says

      I’m glad the post resonated with you, Lisa. I love your insights about faith and intuition 🙂

  11. I love that you pointed out the elements of the story where Cinderella uses her voice to change her fate. And the fact that she has good support in her life. For years I was living the Cinderella archetype of feeling unseen and not valued for my true self as well awaiting rescue from a man. Truth be told I had cast aside the story and the archetype as I grew into my own woman and released those elements of my old story. It’s nice to see it recast in a new light that I can see Cinderella did indeed become her own savior by using her voice and valuing herself enough to speak up. That’s a story I can celebrate!

    • Marianne Soucy says

      I love your insights, Joni. And the phrase you use about Cinderella using her voice to changing her fate. Powerful.

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