Co-Creating Your Life With Your Soul

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With this article, I am celebrating the launch of the new Kindle book I’m a co-author of: “Conscious Creators: How to use the Law of Attraction” as well as my new ebook: Vol. 1 in the ‘Conscious Creator’s Spiritual Guide Series’: “Spiritual Lessons from Pets and other Animals“. In the following, I will share insights from spirit on co-creating your life with your soul.

Are you also tired of living life on other people’s terms and feel like you have no control of your life? And are you, like me, ready to take charge of your life – and create your dream life?

But where do you start? Well, an important step is to listen within; to connect with your soul and your heart – and let them guide you.

In today’s blog, I’ll share a message from my spirit guide on co-creating your life with your soul. I usually connect with my spirit guide in a Sacred Spirit Journey, a form of shamanic journey, and as I began the journey and asked for his insights, the following was his message for us:

“Co-creating your life with your soul is all about learning to listen within.

It’s about becoming present in your body and listening to, caring for, and honoring your body.

Co-creating your life with your soul is about connecting with your heart’s dream, and bringing that dream to life.

Co-creation - soul - hearts dream 2 Marianne Soucy Give Your Dream Wings
Co-creating your life with your soul is recognizing that you are so much more than your body. Inside you have access to a vast resource of wisdom , love and light that you can use of as you bring that wisdom, love and light out into the world.

Co-creating your life with your soul is taking responsibility for and taking charge of your life. Instead of going blindly through life, drifting or following someone else’s plan for you that don’t resonate with your heart, go within to find your own power and the courage to listen to what YOUR soul guides you to do – what your heart is yearning for and inspiring you to do.

Co-creating your life with your soul is sharing your light in the world.

I suggest you implement a daily practice where you sit in stillness and begin to listen within. Become the watcher of your thoughts and emotions. See them come and go. Let the mind calm down by itself and recognize yourself and your soul in the stillness and peace that is revealed when the surface gets calm.

What are some words that describe Your soul?

And when you listen to your heart, what is it guiding you to do?

What ONE step can you take today to connect with or express your soul?”

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  1. I always get such a calming vibe from all your posts Marianne. Thank you for shining your beautiful light.
    Much Love & Light,

  2. Thanks for the reminder to slow down & hear what my soul is telling me. I loved your sentence “Become the watcher of your thoughts & emotions.” When I get busy, I forget to do this & I feel less balanced & at peace.

  3. Congrats on your book launch!

  4. Thank you for the reminder to spend a few moments each day connected to within

  5. Looking forward to reading your new book!

  6. Great message Marianne. I love my daily times that I connect with my heart and soul. <3

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