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Lotus - Connect with your Higher Self for Inspiration and Purpose - Marianne Soucy Give Your Dream Wings Welcome to the 7th blog in the ‘connect with your soul’ blog series – where we are celebrating the release of the book ”365 Ways To Connect With Your Soul”. I am honored to be sharing one of my Sacred Spirit Journeys in the book. For this blog series, I have been sharing a variety of Sacred Spirit Journeys, all containing wise messages from spirit, to inspire and guide you to connect with your soul and live a soulful life. In this blog, I’m sharing a very special Sacred Spirit Journey with a meeting with my Higher Self with simple but powerful suggestions you can use to connect with your Higher Self for inspiration and purpose. As you are seeking to cultivate a more soulful and joyful life and create the life of your dreams, I highly recommend to include the practice of connecting with your Higher Self. As I prepare for and begin this Sacred Spirit Journey, for some reason I don’t feel inspired, which is unusual, but in stead of stopping, I ask my spirit guide for help to become inspired. This is what happened: My spirit guide smiles to me as he pulls aside a curtain or veil in front of us so we can just step into the spirit realm or ‘alternate reality’, if you wish. A way of journeying that doesn’t happen so often. We’re out in a wide open grassy landscape, with small hills and vast blue sky above. My spirit guide continues:

“There are many ways to get inspiration or to become inspired, and you don’t have to wait for it to happen. Shifting your awareness and taking a journey into spirit can be a source of healing, inspiration and empowerment. The shift in environment and perspective takes you out of your habitual way of thinking, seeing and acting, and as you relax and open up to doing the journey, you also open up to receiving the gift of inspiration.”

Marianne: ” Is there a special place or being here that people can connect with when they are looking for inspiration?” My spirit guide doesn’t say anything but leads me further into the landscape. We walk for a while and come to a little lake or pond. There’s a couple of water lilies in the lake, and around the lake there are flowers and grasses. I see insects flying around – beautiful, colored dragonflies. A bird drinking water. A frog hopping through the grass and disappearing among some leaves. A tree is nearby. I see the sky and a tree reflecting on the surface of the lake. I ask my spirit guide for insights as to how this can give inspiration and he says:

“What are you looking for? When people say they are looking for inspiration they are often looking for meaning – a deeper meaning or purpose in their life. Or they feel blocked. A journey into spirit can be used both to remove blocks and to connect you with your purpose.

Meeting your higher self is a powerful way to show you what’s possible for you. It brings you confidence as well as inspiration.”

As he says that, I see someone coming out from between some trees and approaching us. She sits next to me on a wooden bench that is beside the lake. My higher self?

“Yes, you could say that”, she smiles. She’s like a more radiant, calm, confident version of me, filled with love, wisdom, peace, and grace.

“I am simply the part of you who sees no separation, the one who sees infinity and who rests in love, peace and light; the one who knows the past and the future as the now. The one who lives in the eternal now, which means that separation, pain, fear do not ‘stick’ – they float by like clouds in the sky, evaporating.

I know myself as the infinite in which all happens.

Let me be your mirror. See yourself in me and let us become one. By letting go of who you think you are, you become who you truly are.”

Marianne: “That sounds amazing. But how do I take that home and implement it in my daily life? How do I use that as inspiration in my life?” She says:

“Connect with me – my image, energy – on a regular basis, and experience yourself as that ‘me’ in your life. When you get the feeling of being as me – without limitations, separation, worries, and having access to the eternal now – then go on to the next task:

As your higher self what would you do. If you didn’t have anything holding you back – no fear, doubt, confusion etc. – what would you be doing? In that state, what can you see yourself doing? What can you see yourself doing that feels meaningful and joyful to you and that will bring light, love and joy to the world? It is when you allow yourself to step beyond your small self, your ego, and step into your higher self, that your true purpose and path will reveal itself to you. Take it step by step and keep returning to your connection with your higher self.”

I thank her and she leaves. I thank my spirit guide and end the journey.

Action steps

1) I hope this spirit journey and message has inspired you and I invite you to join me here on Give Your Dream Wings and read the other blogs in this soul connection series.
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