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In today’s oracle card reading with Christine DeCamp’s ‘Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards’ I am asking for insights on dealing with the loss of a loved one.

I prepare and connect with the cards by holding them to my heart center. I usually experience walking out in the card landscape through a door, portal or tunnel. This time I experience myself as a tree – a tall, healthy, strong tree, standing in a forest. I walk out from the tree, so to speak, into the forest landscape.

There’s a path in front of me. Behind me I hear the tree say:

“In the forest there are no natural paths – only those that humans and some animals make. Humans like to have control, to make a trodden path. They like to see where they are going. But in the wild – in the forest – all that changes.

Find the paths created by the animals, and find yourself getting closer to the ‘wild’ you.

The fear of getting lost prevents you from living and exploring; but did you know, there are ways of navigating besides staying on the main paths? Start by taking little ‘side trips’ away from the paths, and see what magic awaits you there.

It’s the same in life. When you strive to stay in control, safe – emotionally, you only end up preventing yourself from the love and the life that’s awaiting you.

Opening up to love comes with the pain and grief after the loss of that loved one. There’s no need or point in denying that.

Recognize grief as a companion when you love, and instead of regarding it as ‘bad’ – as something to avoid, allow it to flow through you as an expression of the love you carry in your heart.

Remember the wisdom of the trees that show you the cycles of nature and of life. Each spring the leaves grow out, flowers bloom, and in the fall leaves are released back to the Earth. It’s a natural cycle and process.

Practice in your daily life to let your love grow and bloom, but to make it without attachment. Keep the love, but release the object of your love, and realize that as you do, they won’t be far, for in the peace you experience, their presence is felt more strongly.

Let nature be your guide to learning how to live.”

I thank the tree and am guided to the place of cards. The cards are spread out on a table, and I can see the tree from where I stand. I draw a card (in spirit). In ordinary reality, I shuffle the cards and draw one too.

The card I draw turns out to be:

Forest faery

‘She dwells in deep forest, part human, part creature… sacred connector between that which is wild & free.. & what we call “civilization”. She is both magical and earth wise… there to remind us of all that we are.’

Forest Faery - Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards -330x521
Image used with permission of Christine DeCamp

As I contemplate the card, I think how interesting and appropriate it is to the tree’s teachings. The forest faery is the connector between the wild & free and civilization, teaching us to walk that delicate balance between finding the wild, free, original within ourselves on the one hand, and on the other to live in and navigate in our civilization.

She’s a reminder for us to embrace the earth-wise part of us as we navigate through life. To embrace nature and spirit as our teacher.

She’s a reminder to us that we’re not alone on our journey through life – and loss.

As you grieve the loss of a loved one, connect with nature, not as a being separate from you, but as an integral part of you, and as a support team and network that can bring you comfort in your grief.

Allow yourself to be still and present in nature, to listen, to look, to embrace and become the stillness and peace that’s the essence and teaching of each flower and tree. Let the little bird that sings its song bring joy back into your heart, and fill you with the wonder which life truly is.

Embrace each day with appreciation – for what is, what was, and what it to come – and realize that all we have is the eternal Now, and from that Now all is present and nothing lost.

Let the appreciation and gratitude heal and open your heart to your loved one’s continuing presence in your heart and in your life.

Sending you blessings and peace,
Marianne Soucy

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