Dear Spring

Dear Spring - Marianne Soucy Give Your Dream Wings
Dear Spring,

Although I like all 4 seasons, you have a special place in my heart.

You come bringing light and the promise of new life and joy after a long, cold winter.

The first signs of spring are precious. They warm the heart and lift our spirits. Flowers coming up in the garden, even among the snow, the days getting longer, the birds singing and preparing for their spring activities.

With spring comes a need to burst out – be active and shake off some of the old burdens or stagnant energy, and to step into a lighter version of ourselves – one that’s full of joy, energy, and purpose.

Spring is a time for creating. New ideas bubble up, and projects form in the mind.

It’s an exciting time.

But one thing I have noticed, dear spring, and that is: In the middle of all the ideas, plans, activity – stress and overwhelm can suddenly hit.

We take on too many things, feel overwhelmed by it all, or find ourselves resisting letting go of all the old stuff we wanted to let go of. Sometimes – faced with the magnitude of clearing out the old – it all seems too much and it’s tempting to forget about or ignore the inner calling to clear out what we don’t need.

That’s when I like to remind myself: You don’t have to do it all at once. Just take one little step at a time.

I have found that I work best in the space between planning or scheduling on the one hand, and on the other follow my inspiration, intuition and listen to my heart. It’s actually when I get a sudden urge to do or create something, that I get most done in a short time, and it’s often some of my best or most inspired work.

When stress hits, I try to return to the practice of becoming present, of taking deep breaths, and finding moments in the day where I can just be me.

This year, dear spring, I am doing something special to welcome you, and to enter this season in a more conscious way, fully aware that I am creating my life.

I am shaping my life by the things I choose to do, but certainly also by how I open up and allow myself to receive. It has a lot to do with making space for what is waiting to grow or manifest.

This year I am creating a 3-week workshop “Spring Cleaning for the Soul“, which will not only keep me on my toes in my own life and work, but I’m also intending to support, inspire and guide others – inviting them to consciously move into this spring season with me, creating their own renewed spring self.

The course won’t be overwhelming with things that won’t get done anyway, but consists of simple daily steps and inspiration for us for releasing the old and embracing the new so that we can enter the season of spring feeling more connected to our soul and to the joy which lives within us all. I look forward to this, and I intend to honor you and to consciously meet you this year, inspired by the new life around me to embrace this opportunity to create the next version of me – taking myself to the next level – in personal growth, joy, energy, focus, but also with special focus on simplifying and de-cluttering.

I am grateful for being able to experience the magical season of spring once more.

Dear spring, I will meet you with an open mind and heart, walking with you as I strengthen my body, purify my mind and connect with my soul – all the while appreciating and acknowledging all the new life around me.

I will walk with you side by side as we together meet the season of summer and the flowering of the Earth and our soul.

In joy,

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  1. So love this love letter to spring, Marianne. Spring offers so many gifts and it’s important to be mindful of everything it can bring us and to practice our patience through it all. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Marianne. We are so excited by the newness that comes with spring and I find there are so many things I want to be a part of to welcome the new season. The one thing that is keeping me grounded is feeling my feet on the ground. When I can’t feel my feet on the ground I know I’m moving to fast and missing what the moment is trying to share with me.

  3. susan mason says

    This reminded me that one week ago I had to stop everything and evaluate all of my 2017 goals. It was soring working on my heart.

  4. The change in the quality of the light in spring recharges my battery like no other season. I “see” with new eyes. Lovely letter.

  5. Here in Denver Spring has come very early. As I walk in my neighborhood and see all of the blooms, I feel all of what is blooming right now in me. I am paying attention to what I need to do and when I need to do it, so that I don;t go into overwhelm! I’m birthing a new program into the world this week, so it’s crucial for me to pay attention.

  6. What a lovely ode to Spring — and to yourself! Thank you Marianne.

  7. Beautiful post, Marianne. So grateful for the reminder to (always) be gentle with ourselves, to understand that the excitement can sometimes lead to overwhelm, and to plan accordingly to let our minds share space with our hearts.

  8. Colleen says

    Beautiful photo, and I really resonate with the overwhelm that can show up as all of this loveliness unfolds- especially here in the South where the heat is coming and my beautiful very large! garden needs considerable attention before it becomes a beautiful jungle (which it probably will do eventually!).

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