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Have you ever wondered what it means to embody the Divine Feminine? We hear and read it often enough, but how do we go about being or embodying the Divine Feminine in our daily lives?

I decided to ask for some spirit insights by using the Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards by Christine DeCamp.

I begin by holding the cards close to my heart center, and as I do, I hear the phrase:

“The power of creation is within you. The receptive or open state is not passive.”

My spirit guide holds a card (inside my heart chakra) and throws it up in the air and a doorway or portal to the card landscape is created.

We step into the forest of the card landscape.

“All things happen in their own time”,

my spirit guide says as we walk, looking at the trees, plants and wildlife. He continues:

“When you don’t force things, but create a space for things to unfold in their natural way, harmony follows.

That is the feminine way. It doesn’t mean not taking action, but taking the right that creates the conditions for the optimal outcome to occur. For harmony and growth to happen. A natural unfolding of each thing and being’s innate purpose.

You could compare it to an internal martial art, like Aikido – the way of ‘no force’.

If you look at nature, just look at how the roots of the plant and trees grow, finding their way.

The Divine Feminine is not about being weak – it can be highly active. Look to the animal world:

See a bear mother with her cubs: So gentle and caring – and yet at the same time fiercely protective and dangerous when it comes to protecting her cubs. She’s not fighting for the sake of fighting; she’s fighting to protect her offspring.

As the Divine Feminine creator, you acknowledge and embody the power of creation which is within you but you also dare stand in your power and speak up for and fight for what’s right and what’s close to your heart.

The Divine Feminine has often been seen as ‘weak’, and non-passive – like being a ‘door-mat’, but that is not the Divine Feminine – that is a cultural view and role of the feminine. The Divine Feminine creator lives from the heart. She realizes that her strength is within. She doesn’t need to look without for approval, permission or strength”.

Marianne: “What about men?”

Spirit guide:

“They can embody the Divine Feminine too. It’s all about balance. Like the yin-yang. The way of harmony.”

We stop by a big old tree. It’s time to draw a card. The card I draw is:


‘She is Spirit. She is Soul. She is us, yet separate. She watches over us and shines her light through us, surrounding us with her warm glow of unconditional love.’

Guardian - Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Card by Christine DeCamp
Card image shared with permission of Christine DeCamp

The message that comes as I see the image is:

“The source of the Divine Feminine is unconditional love. We are reminded that we are loved, supported – never alone on our path through life. The Goddess or Guardian, watches over and protects us; always there for us, reminding us that while we may call upon her strength, support and guidance, and she is thus seen as separate from us. But in reality, when we go within to the core of our being, she is there, and she is ultimately not separate from us. Separation is an illusion. To embrace her, see yourself AS her.

As you open up and allow her light to fill you, see how your own light gets ignited and you will shine with the light of the goddess too. You are not the powerless being you take yourself to be – you are infinitely powerful, and by embracing the light and unconditional love, you will be able to shine and share it with others as your own – for it IS your own.

The Divine Feminine is more than owning and shining your light – it is BEING light.”

I give thanks, we return and I end the connection.

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  1. So lovely Marianne. I am a devotee of the Divine Feminine and felt the resonance in your beautiful wisdom.

  2. There is such a beautiful loving energy that came over me as I read this post. Yes, feminine energy is nurturing. I imagine the Divine Feminine stroking our hair lovingly making us feel comforted. But also strong as you said. Women are infinitely powerful when they summon their energy.

  3. Colleen says

    All things happen in their own time.Love this post, Marianne!

  4. Another wonderful post, Marianne.

    These words and ideas were exactly what I needed to hear, right now.

    Divine timing – being reminded not to force things, and that’s OK.

    Thank you <3

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