Facing Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction – Spirit advice for the individual

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“Let compassion be your guiding light”
~ The Goddess of Compassion

Recent disturbing news that we are now officially into the 6th Mass Extinction here on Earth. The magnitude and severeness of such a Mass Extinction makes one feel powerless and without hope or influence. Therefore I decided to connect with my compassionate spirit guides for advice on what we as individuals can do in the face of such overwhelming and discouraging news.

In the Sacred Spirit Journey I will share, you will find that there are in fact, things that you can do. May the message below inspire and empower you.

As I begin the Sacred Spirit Journey, animals start gathering in large numbers all around us. There’s a sense of the animals calling or reaching out. A feeling of urgency, and a need to be heard.

As part of my preparations for the journey, I become present here where I am. I focus on my feet; roots grow down in the ground, deep down into the Earth. I feel gratitude for all the life here. The gratitude makes the Earth and its creatures come more to life. The health of the Earth is connected to the level and depth of our gratitude and appreciation.

My spirit guide says:
That is the first and most important step. Feeling and expressing a deep-felt gratitude and appreciation. It is a good and beautiful practice to be grateful for the things and people you have in your life, but we need to expand that now to include the life around us and the Earth we live on, for they and their fate are not separate from ours.”

The problems and causes mentioned in the news, for instance, pollution, climate change, and deforestation, are more like symptoms. The underlying cause is the experience most people have that humans are separate from nature, from animals. Occasionally, many might understand it intellectually but often the feeling of connectedness doesn’t translate into a realization and acting on that connectedness in their own daily life.

Remember, it all starts with you. All the time. Even though it may feel hopeless or overwhelming. Start with yourself, for it is only through the raising of consciousness and awareness of each individual that the Earth will be saved. You are the center of your own world, and you need to open your heart and make the connection to all the life ‘out there’, which is not really ‘out there’ or separate but an intricate part of who you are.

A mindset shift will help you shift into seeing everything as connected. Look at everything and everyone you meet as your teacher, and YOU as their teacher as well! It’s really as simple as that. Whether it’s humans, nature, animals – everything possesses wisdom you can use to grow and expand in your own life. Your life is an example to others.

What are you teaching those around you, and those that follow? What lessons will you leave behind?

Ok, now let’s get more specific! In order to live from the heart, build your dream from the heart, or a business – you can find great use in the spiritual as well as practical wisdom of animals and spirit guides. In fact, every being in nature – not just animals – also flowers, trees, rocks, elements, etc. – can give you insights about yourself, teach you how to overcome obstacles, find your path, shine your light – and remain connected and grounded on your path. They can help you maintain your center – and sanity – in the ever-changing world.

The last tiger
Don’t let the beings of the Earth simply vanish – and their power and wisdom along with them. Bring them back by connecting with their wisdom which is available to all who reach out in appreciation from a place of heart.

Let a deep gratitude be your approach, and you will be okay. A deep gratitude takes you outside yourself and acknowledges the value of another – their gifts and rights as well. You acknowledge that they are a part of you and your life – and not separate.”

All the animals gathered here today have much wisdom to share – and many pleas for help.”

Start today by experiencing and expressing appreciation for all the beings you share this precious Earth with. As it’s been said before: ‘They are all your relations.’
Marianne: “What other steps can people take?”

Spirit guide:
Find out what animal, nature being or spirit guide will step forward and bring healing, clarity or guidance in your own life right now. Listen to their wisdom and implement it in your life. That is a beautiful and powerful way of growing your awareness and consciousness, and strengthening the bond with the Earth beings. You will feel empowered and supported in a deeper way than you’re used to, for the support and wisdom from the animals come with great wisdom as well as deep compassion. Your ability to love will increase manifold by letting yourself open up to the unconditional love you meet from those that you approach from the place of your heart.

It’s time for action. Just look around. Many are waiting to share their wisdom and power.
I thank my spirit guide and look around. A multitude of animals and Nature and Earth beings just waiting for us to discover, appreciate and learn from them – all eager to share each their particular wisdom. All ready to give, for they connect with our heart and soul. Are you ready to let them in?

Your next step

Find out what animal, nature being or spirit guide will step forward and bring healing, clarity or guidance in your own life right now. Click here to order your own Sacred Spirit Journey and be connected with your animal or spirit guide.
A human being is a part of the whole called by us ‘universe’, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. ~ Albert Einstein

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  1. I am going to be brave and say as an elemental, I can feel, hear mother gaia’s pain. As a teacher I try to incorporate a way to love our environment with reading and writing lessons. The beauty that youth produce is incredible. As a mom I have instilled this into my boys; my youngest is our own EPA (love him for it). Much Love, Natasha

  2. Marianne, I am very moved by this. It’s a topic often on my mind and deeply connected to the core of my business, teaching, and leadership. I definitely resonate with the spiritual guidance you share here. Maybe we should collaborate at some point… I am standing with you and all our wild animal siblings.

    • Marianne Soucy says

      Thank you, Chara. It is so good to hear from someone with the same views. Would love to connect and collaborate 🙂

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