How opening to wonder and imagination can help manifest your dream

Ted Andrews quote - Give Your Dream Wings - Marianne Soucy

A powerful and important step on the way to connect with and manifest the dream you carry in your heart, is to open up to wonder and imagination.

If we are going to create a life different from what we have, we need to be able to think outside the box – change our way of thinking and open up to the beautiful and magical world of the imagination.

One way to open up to and gain a renewed sense of wonder is to become more present in our lives and simply become aware of the beauty, magic and wonder that already surrounds us.

  • Spend time in nature or with animals.
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset.
  • Listen to the blackbird singing its song at dawn.
  • Visit a sea or lake, feel the vastness of the water and sky, breathe in the fresh air.
Another way to open up to and gain a renewed sense of wonder is to open up to and connect with compassionate spirit helpers that are ready to guide us. Recognize that you needn’t be alone in identifying and creating your dream life. Spirit helpers come in many forms, and there are some spirit helpers that connect you more directly with your imagination, for instance, magical creatures such as Winged Horse, Unicorn or Dragon, to name a few.

If you have not read my previous blog with my cat Hope’s message, then go and read that now, because below I will share a continuation of my journey with Hope which includes a message from a big beautiful White Winged Horse who came forward as I asked Hope if she had a power animal or a spirit guide (animals can have guides too!).

Winged horse statue - Give Your Dream Wings - Marianne Soucy 550x550Winged Horse says:
“I will take you on the wings of your dreams and carry you to the promised land – the promised land being your vision or heart dream come alive. I will help you not only connect with and keep your dream, but to manifest it in the world. I look forward to see the Grand Vision from your journeys come to life. With Hope, I will support you in making this dream manifest quickly, easily, powerfully and magically.”

I thank my cat Hope, and Winged Horse and I say, “I’m so very grateful for your messages, both of you. You are true gifts. I will read and re-read your messages and connect with you, letting you do your work unhindered. I know that wherever you’re taking us is the right place, for we move in peace, hope and magic. Thank you.”

They smile and say goodbye – and then jump into my heart.

I thank my spirit guide as well and end the journey.

Suggested action steps

  1. Follow the suggestions mentioned in the beginning of this article and set your intention to become more present and aware in your daily life
  2. Open up to the magic and wonder that’s already present in your life through nature or animals.
  3. Notice how you react to the mention of the magical creatures – Unicorn and Winged Horse. Do you experience joy and hope or do you feel resistance and doubt?

Last words

I will end this article with some magical words from Ted Andrews’ book “Treasures of the Unicorn“. They touched me deeply when I first read them and have stayed with me since. May they open you to wonder and inspire you to give your dream wings.

“The unicorn touches the part of us we have long forgotten, reminding us that prayers are supposed to be answered. Miracles are supposed to occur. As children, everything was possible. The unicorn teaches us that if we change our imaginings, we change the world.” ~ Ted Andrews


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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Much Love, Natasha

  2. Connecting with nature is always a humbling experience. I’d not really thought in terms of the mythical creatures before… will have to let them “simmer” a bit. Thanks

  3. Thanks for writing about this, Marianne. It’s a topic dear to my heart. Yes to wonder, especially when it’s inspired by the natural world.

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