How to change automatic behaviors

How to change automatic behaviors 3

An oracle card reading and a shamanic journey

Do you also sometimes experience that old, limiting or even self-destructive thoughts, reactions and behaviors prevent you from moving forward and creating the life you are dreaming of? Is it not incredibly frustrating to find yourself acting out of fear and holding yourself back? Finding a way to successfully deal with limiting beliefs, and automatic thoughts and behaviors and move past them is crucial to manifesting your dream life. As we are seeking to consciously create our lives, let us focus a bit more on the ‘conscious’ side of creation. In today’s combined oracle card reading and shamanic journey, you will hear insights and suggestions from my spirit guide and messages that come through the oracle cards. Today, I’m using the Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards by Christine DeCamp. I prepare and connect with the cards. As I connect with the cards in my heart, I first find it difficult to focus. So many thoughts are running around in my head. “Are you here?”, I hear my spirit guide say. I focus on him and his words, as I slowly begin to be present.

“That’s the foundation – the key to success in becoming aware of and changing your automatic thoughts and behaviors.

Step 1: Be fully in the present moment

As we’ve seen so many times, a practice of becoming present in the Now – of Being fully in the present moment – is essential for any change you want to make. That was the first step. That should be a daily practice.

Step 2: Notice when you’re reacting automatically

The second step is to notice when you’re having an automatic thoughts, reaction or behavior. A daily journaling practice can be helpful in raising your awareness around your automatic behavior.

And when you notice one of the automatic behaviors in yourself that you want to change, then use your journal to identify and describe the situation, and note down what your automatic reactions, thoughts or behavior is.

Step 3: Choose your new behavior

Then write down what your new and preferred thought or behavior should be Imagine the same situation occurring again, but this time you react differently. What do you think, feel, experience or do? Write it down.

What effects will this changed behavior have in your life? Note down possible outcomes. To help this new behavior become a habit, create an affirmation you can use for a period, and also connect with or imagine you behaving or thinking differently, for example during a meditation practice.

One thing to be aware of: As you set the intention and start to consciously work on changing that behavior, you may experience reactions, resistance, emotions or perhaps even increased number of similar situations happening. That is normal.

Continue your journaling practice – stream-of-consciousness writing and affirmation, becoming present during your daily life, and add a daily meditation practice where you watch your thoughts without judgment. Simply pay attention and watch them come and go. You are the observer.”

He stops talking and opens the door to the card landscape’s forest, and we step out in the forest. We walk to a different place in the forest than we usually go. We get to a little lake. We sit down by the edge of the lake. Next to me someone is sitting – it is my Higher Self. On my other side, unicorn shows up. On the lake itself, I see a leaf drifting towards us. A card is lying on that leaf. I pick it up and hold it close to my heart. Then in ‘real life’ I draw a card.

Mountain lions

Mountain Lions - Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Card

Image used with permission of Christine DeCamp

As I contemplate the card, I receive the following message.

“In the darkness of the night and of your soul, you’ll find the biggest opportunities. Don’t shy away from your supposed ‘weaknesses’, for it’s often in confronting your weaknesses or ‘dark sides’ that the greatest opportunities for growth lie.

Mountain lion shows up in the card today to help you stand in your own power and to take the leap necessary to reach that new level of growth.

Mountain lion helps you stand firm, take courage and easily and gracefully take the leap you thought would be difficult.

You don’t yet realize your own strength, but mountain lion is by your side and will support and guide you as you move forward.

Make a wish, connect with your dream of the ‘new you’, and dare believe that magic can happen. Dare believe that magic or miracles are nothing more than what’s possible when you take a different perspective.

The spirit owl shows up to help you see what is hidden. Its hooting calls you to awareness – to go within. A guide to your inner landscape.

Move forward boldly for you are never alone on your path.”

I give thanks and end the connection.

Next steps

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  1. Beautiful Steps Mariannne! Its a blessing to be part of this process with you.
    Much Love and light,

  2. Love your process, especially the first question- I am going to use that in a reading tomorrow thank you xxoo

  3. Natasha Botkin says

    Beautiful wise moments. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love the 3 Steps! These can called upon consistently to transform limiting beliefs and long-held behaviors. Thank you for you insights.

  5. Dear Marianne, Another amazing message that seems to speak directly to me. I just finished reading Barb Parcell’s lovely post about giving and receiving, and had determined to take up her suggested practice this week, and then your post spoke so directly to that, deepening and expanding the ideas. I received so much from this post, and am sending you love & gratitude, Reba

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