How to follow your intuition – an oracle card reading & shamanic journey

Follow your intuition - oracle card reading - Marianne Soucy Give Your Dream Wings As I was preparing an article on how we can become better at listening to and following our intuition, I decided to seek insights from spirit. I used Christine DeCamp’s Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards, and I ended up with an interesting combination of an oracle card reading and a shamanic journey. As I connect with the cards through my heart, I find a door there that opens into the card landscape: a forest. My spirit guide is with me. As we walk through the forest, he says:

“As always, it all begins with becoming present and paying attention. Otherwise you will be missing the subtle signs from your inner voice.

There is no ‘magic pill’. Begin by consistently returning to becoming aware and being present. Connect with your heart and listen to what your heart tells you.”

We get to a table standing next to a tree, and the cards are spread out on the table. My spirit guide gets up on the table, picks a card and hands it to me. That’s a sign for me to shuffle and draw a card in ordinary reality. The card I draw turns out to be:

Woods House
‘There once was a round house in the woods.. It was cozy & warm inside & the people there loved all the animals, & the animals loved the people too. They came to visit every day and blessed the house and the people with their power and protection’

 Image used with permission of Christine DeCampImage used with permission of Christine DeCamp

As I contemplate the card in relation to the intention about following our intuition, this is the message that I received:

“Go within, center in your heart, and let it expand.

Find your inner sanctuary, and find there – and invite into that space – your power animals and spirit guides. They guide you, show you the way, and walk with you on your soul’s path.

Seeking and listening to signs in nature is a classic way of connecting with your intuition, with nature and with spirit.

Listening to your intuition and following your intuition means going within and listening to your heart, but it also means to become aware of the signs in the outer world that the universe sends you.

You are not separate from the world. All is connected.

Listening to and following your intuition is another way of saying that you co-create with the universe.

We animals are powerful helpers and guides, so invite us in.

Blessings on your path.”

I give thanks and end the journey/reading.

Action step

Next time you go out in nature, notice what animals show up. Is there a specific one that stands out? Meet it with a blessing ask for it’s message to you. Then allow yourself to become quiet inside and listen to any thoughts, feelings, images or anything else that may come. Information and insights can come in many ways. Write your thoughts a journal so you can return to it later. You can also find information about the symbolic meanings of various animals in books or online (for instance search ‘animal name’ + totem), but I strongly encourage you to listen within first. The animal you encountered may have a special message just for you that you can’t find in any book, and besides, your intention was to develop your intuition, right? Try this exercise and come back and share your experiences and insights in the comments section below.

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  1. I’ve been seeing cardinals, geese and beautiful woodpeckers lately. I’m curious about what they have to share with me.

  2. I will be keeping my eye out for the next animal I see in nature. Nice post 🙂 xo

  3. Recently deer and fox are closer to me. The fox left a deep impression in me 🙂

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