How to stay emotionally balanced and have inner peace in challenging situations

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Oracle card reading with the Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards

In our daily life, we sometimes run into challenging situations. While we might often prefer to avoid them, I have found that what’s most important is to look at how we deal with these situations and find tools and ways to approach and deal with those challenges while staying balanced and maintaining inner peace.

There are many approaches already available, but for this article I decided to take a more intuitive, creative and inspiring approach. I consulted the inspiring Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards by Christine DeCamp.

As I set the intention and begin the reading, I connect with the cards through my heart (as I most often do). As I do this, I receive the following message:

“In emotionally challenging situations, anger is often an emotion that shows up. Recognize that beneath or behind that anger is fear. Consider the image of a child – fearful and afraid of abandonment, loss, or whatever their fear may be.

Approach the emotions not with resistance, blame, or identifying with them, but instead meet them with compassion – as you would a child or a pet who’s scared and need your protection or reassurance.

Recognizing what’s behind the anger that shows up, can take the edge off and create an understanding for what’s really going on.

Breathe deeply into your heart.”

In my heart center I see a child painting. She’s happy, covered in paint herself, eager to show me her painting. I can’t see the painting itself clearly. She leads me into the painting’s landscape.

“You can see it clearly if you draw a card. You’ll find the landscape there that I will show you. That will lead you back to inner peace and trust.”

She hands me the cards, and I draw one [in spirit].

I ordinary reality I shuffle the cards and draw one as well. The card I draw is:

Red birds

‘Embraced by the giant pine white show falls softly. Winter is time to celebrate the longevity and rootedness of this Tree of Life, Tree of Nurturing, Healing and Transformation.’

Red birds - Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle CardImage used with permission of Christine DeCamp

I ask, “How does this card relate to staying emotionally balanced in challenging times?”

The message I receive through the card is:

“Winter is the time where you let go; where you enter the inner peace and await the spring.

As spring follows winter, new light and hope always accompany challenging situations. Stay present in the situation. The dawn awaits in each. Stay present in the situation you’re in, and let yourself be embraced by the spirits that support you – the tree of life encouraging you to stay centered and grounded, and the red birds, reminding you that your passion is alive within you, as is your dream.

Snow brings stillness, and inspires to go within.

To stay emotionally balanced and to keep your inner peace in challenging situations, do practices that ground you [for example the Tree Grounding Meditation], and that nurture and heal you.

Also, see the light in the darkness; the magic in the little things. what is the lesson you can learn from this? How can this situation contribute to your growth?

There’s no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – it’s how you perceive things, situations that matter. The more you hang on, the more you label things, the more you remain stuck.

Flow through the emotions that come and go, like the seasons.

Connecting with nature can always teach you how to get back to stillness and peace.

Seek first inner peace, and outer peace will follow.”

I’m back, standing next to the girl again. She’s smiling. She reminds me that what’s fun, easy or enjoyable to one, can be challenging to another.

I ask myself: ‘Is there another way I can perceive a situation I find challenging?’

What about you: How can you implement these lessons in your life? Read through the messages above again and identify the action steps contained in the text that you are inspired to use in your life right now.

Please share your insights in the comments section below.

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  1. Your words always leave me at peace Marianne.Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wisdom.
    Much Love,

  2. Natasha Botkin says

    Very beautiful article. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

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