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Power animal introduction, Marianne Soucy - Give Your Dream WingsIn the Empowerment article series, the power of animals and spirit guides is a key topic. There are many kinds of spirit guides, and in today’s article, I will introduce you to power animals, so you can begin to experience the power, compassion and wisdom of the animals for yourself.

Many people have heard of power animals, but few are aware of the many benefits and support they can bring you in daily life in overcoming challenges and in providing guidance, inspiration and support when you’re striving to give your dream wings.

Power animals are spirit guides or guardians in animal form. They have many roles. Power animals are the shaman’s friends, teachers, guides, protectors, and much more. They provide empowerment, wisdom, and support, and they are not only accessible to the shaman, but to all people and animals.

I like to take a practical approach to things, so I will share a Sacred Spirit Journey in which my spirit guide provides us with a simple exercise for beginning the work with animal spirit guides, or power animals. Another time I will go more into different ways of connecting and working with a power animal, including a traditional method made well known by the anthropologist, and author Michael Harner in his book, “The Way of the Shaman: A Guide to Power and Healing”.

As I begin the journey, my spirit guide says:

“Power animals do more than bring you power – they connect you with your own power, they help you recognize and identify aspects within yourself that can either block or strengthen your power. The animal that shows up to assist you can tell you much about yourself and how to claim and experience your power.

An exercise:

Think back on your life. Is there an animal you have always been drawn to – or that seems to often show up in your life? Which animal is it? What are the characteristics of that animal: Where and how does it live and what does it eat? How do some of its characteristics fit into your life?

As you connect with this animal, notice in the following days if it shows up in your life – in ‘real’ life, on television, on the internet, in movies, in conversations, on clothing, in statues, in clouds – the possibilities are endless. Signs and synchronicities are very common when you start this journey. An increased awareness in your daily life will help you recognize these synchronicities.

Taking a few minutes a couple of times a day to become present is a simple yet powerful way to reach that increased or heightened awareness.”

I thank my spirit guide and end the journey.

Here is a tip:

Although your own insights and experiences with the animals you meet are the most important, you can get inspiration as to the qualities and teachings of the various animals by searching online for the name of the animal and “animal totem”, for example. You can also seek out one of the many books on the subject, such as the excellent “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews.

I hope you have become inspired to do this little exercise.

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An example of the bond and the trust you can develop as you begin to work more consciously with animals and spirit guides, you can see in this quote:
It’s dark but I know my spirit guide is with me, so I walk with faith and know he’s leading the way
from my article “Reclaim your power“. In the article my power animal says:
Know that you are always loved and supported by the universe – by your helping spirits. Even if you don’t know them yet, call out to them when you need them. Take the first step and make a connection.

If you would like to be connected with an animal that can help you at this point in your life, you can book a Sacred Spirit Journey with Marianne.


  1. Beautiful article Marianne. This is not an area that I’m very familiar with but have been curious about. Your introduction is so interesting and inspiring. I will experience my animal friends with increased awareness from now on. <3

    • Marianne Soucy says

      I’m so glad you found the the article inspiring, Pamela. You have an exciting journey ahead of you with the animals by your side 🙂

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