Life Wisdom From An Old Oak Tree

Old oak tree 2 - Give Your Dream Wings - Marianne Soucy shadow txt On our path through life, teachers and guides can come in many forms, if we open ourselves up to their wisdom. Today we receive a beautiful and powerful message from an old oak tree. I encounter a big old oak tree in one of my Sacred Spirit Journeys. The old oak is standing in a meadow, with space all around it, so it can spread it’s branches wide. The old oak tree says:

“Make space in your life for Being, and notice how when you do, that it is in Being that steady growth and a returning to harmony happens. Notice that when you, like me, have space to spread your branches out wide, you turn into the most unique, magnificent being – you become the one you truly are.

Therefore, on your path through life, do not hold yourself back and let not others prevent you from shining your light. Seek environments and company that support and encourage you in connecting with and shining your light.

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Look at all the trees in the forest. Each one is unique – and so are you. Don’t strive for perfection or a certain ideal; no, simply allow the seed within you to grow into the splendid, unique being that you are.

Action step

Let today be a day you notice and connect with trees. Throughout the day, notice the trees on your way.

Which one stands out to you in particular? – and why?

Express your appreciation to the trees you meet, and they too will appreciate your gratitude and help you on your path.

We’re all connected.

Today, take moments when you slow down and simply be.

Greetings from trees.”

I thank the oak tree and end the journey.

Next step

Tree Grounding Meditation txt 360I invite you to download my free Tree Grounding Meditation. When you do, you’ll also get access to the companion course ‘5 Days to Grounded and Centered’.


  1. I absolutely love trees and connect with them daily. I love to hug them and appreciate their beauty, have gratitude for the oxygen they share with us and the wisdom of their age. Thank you for this lovely article and reminder of how we can use the metaphor of the tree to grow into the beautiful beings we are!

  2. Hi Marianne,
    Thanks for sharing your insights and wisdom about trees. I love weeping willows. I find them so beautiful and supportive. Whenever I have the chance I sit under them, lean my back up against the trunk and feel loved, grounded and supported.

  3. Such a wonderful message from your oak tree. Thank you for bringing it through. I love communinicating with the trees in my life too. From the huge old grandfather live oak in my front yard, to the wonderful gumbo limbo trees iny neighborhood with their divinely feminine lines, and some amazing coffee trees that provide shade for me on my bike rides. I love them all they’re my friends, and we converse all the time.
    I appreciate your message today!!

  4. What a great metaphor and the phrase “simply allow the seed within you to grow into the splendid unique being that you are.” Very moving. Great work Marianne.

  5. Marianne, I really like today’s “action step.” I look forward to paying more attention to the individual trees in this new environment.

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