Oracle card inspiration for the Conscious Creator

Oracle Card Inspiration for Conscious Creators - Marianne SoucyThe following is a combination of a shamanic journey and an oracle card reading.

There are many ways of working with Conscious Creation and the Law Of Attraction, and for this article I decided to take a more intuitive and creative approach. I consulted the inspiring Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards by Christine DeCamp.

As I connect with the cards through my heart center, I sense the ‘tree curtain’ blowing in the wind. My spirit guide is with me. We both step through the tree curtain and into the forest of the card landscape. There’s a feeling of adventure today, and our approach is one of adventure.

My spirit guide says:

“The feeling of adventure keeps you open and inspired. It brings the lightness that creates an environment for successfully using the Law of Attraction – to consciously create your life and not just think about it…

With an adventurous spirit, you’re motivated to take action – it’s fun.

Bring joy to what you do.

Now, let’s find the cards.”

We go to the place in the forest where the cards are. When we have drawn one here in the spirit/card landscape, I know it’s time to draw a card in ordinary reality.

The card I draw is:

Red Boat

‘Traveling with memories… Life is a journey that you must be unafraid to embrace.. letting go of even that which you love the most.. in order to continue along that watery path. We were not meant to stand still, but to grow and prosper, sharing our light with all.”

Red boat Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Card

Image used with permission of Christine DeCamp

As I contemplate the card, these are the insights or messages that come to me:

“Life is a continuously evolving journey. Trying to stay the same blocks evolution, and blocks life.

As you grow, you let go of what was. Let it go with a blessing.

And as you let go, know that the pain you feel in your heart is only fear, for in reality there is no separation.

All that you love is part of you.

Live in the Now with appreciation and gratitude for what was; and with an open heart full of joy and adventure, embrace what is to come.

Compassionate guides are waiting for you at every corner to lovingly show you the next step.

Your ability to let go, stay in the Now and embrace the future with joy and adventure is important for those who wish to consciously create their life.


I give thanks, we go back, and I end the connection.

Next steps

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  1. A beautiful card Marianne!
    What spoke to my heart …”You must be Unafraid to embrace.” Just a perfect reminder for me today.
    Much Love,

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