Oracle Card Reading on Self-Love

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For today’s spirit wisdom blog, I’m once again using the Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards by Christine DeCamp. This time I’m seeking insights and guidance on self-love, which is important when you are striving to consciously create your life.

As I connect with the cards, I am by a house in the woods. I go inside and a woman is there, working on a painting on an easel. She greets me and says:

“Create your sacred space to get in touch with your soul, which is the source of your creativity. The creative expression of your essence and of your dreams.

Self-love is honoring your soul, and your dreams. Being close to nature is nurturing for your soul as well as your body.”

I draw a card:

‘She is Spirit. She is Soul. She is us, yet separate. She watches over us and shines her light through us. Surrounding us with her warm glow of unconditional love.’

Guardian - Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Card by Christine DeCamp
Image used with permission of Christine DeCamp

As I contemplate the card in relation to my intention of receiving insights on self-love, the following message comes through:

“Release your mind’s old, self-defeating beliefs, and return to the experience of and appreciation of your body and your soul.

Take time each day to go within, and through the heart connect with the eternal part of your which contains the wisdom, unconditional love, and peace you are seeking.

Your soul is your heart’s light, and as you go within to nurture that soul connection, you will bring out your soul’s light in your life. Allow your soul’s love to infuse your body, that you may be comfortable in – and yes, love – your body.

In the peace of your soul’s love, you can easily appreciate what a gift your body is – what a treasure life is.

Start each day with body and soul connection, and a practice of appreciation.

Honor your soul connection time, and your soul’s love will be your love.”

May this message inspire you.


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  1. Thank you for the gentle nudge and the inspiration!

  2. Self-love! What a wonderful topic. Thanks for sharing your spirit journey! Love the images, and connect to them deeply.

  3. Lovely! I need to get back to my soul-care time first thing in the morning…rather than late in the day when I’m already frazzled.

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