How opening to wonder and imagination can help manifest your dream

A powerful and important step on the way to connect with and manifest the dream you carry in your heart, is to open up to wonder and imagination. If we are going to create a life different from what we have, we … [Read more...]

Pets as companions and supporters in making your dream come true

Hope's message As you move forward with your dream - making it come true in your life - you can often find support in unexpected places. Loving support can come from your own animal companions, like this message … [Read more...]

Heart-centered writing for soul-inspired authors – 3 key lessons I have learned

This article is for you, if you carry a message in your heart, that you wish to share with the world through a book or a blog. These are 3 of the key lessons I have learned along the way. Be authentic The … [Read more...]

Reclaim Your Power – Life Wisdom from Horse

Animals are wonderful teachers, and in this article I will bring your further teachings from Horse. (If you haven't read "Horse Wisdom - Walking In Power And Grace", you can do so here). If you are reading this … [Read more...]

Horse Wisdom: Walking in power and grace

On our path to healing, inspiration and empowerment, we can find much support in nature and from animals - both in physical reality and in sacred spirit journeys. Today I will share an excerpt from a sacred spirit … [Read more...]

Bear Wisdom: On self-care and taking charge of your life

Connecting with animals and spirit guides through sacred spirit journeys can provide valuable support and be a source of wisdom and healing on our path through life. In the journey I will share here, we have Bear … [Read more...]

Healing wisdom from Marigold

On your path through life, you are not alone. Besides learning to trust and work with your own intuition, and with mentors and friends in the physical world, you also have access to a great number of spirit … [Read more...]

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