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Dear Rest,

You are a most valued companion, for your presence in my life plays a big part in the state of my health and the quality of my life.

Unfortunately, when challenging and stressful times come my way, I sometimes down-prioritize you in my busy life. I deeply regret that, because the effects are tangible.

I am learning, though, for when I have been under stress for a longer period, every aspect of my life suffers, and I realize that radical self-care is necessary.

‘Radical self-care’ is a phrase I saw used recently, and it is a good one that clearly gets the point across, that we’re in a situation where ‘ordinary’ self-care is not enough, and that we must do something radical, and take some serious steps to take better care of ourselves.

I have found that all the thoughts and worries I carry around in stressful times are big obstacles to getting proper rest.

When I am stressed I am not fully present where I am. I think of work when I’m off, and feel guilty about neglecting or not giving enough attention to those at home when I’m busy working. At night, when it’s time to get rest – to be rejuvenated and energized for a new day, I often lie awake thinking about my to-do list or worrying about something.

Becoming conscious about the need for radical self-care is the first step. And in my experience, a critical practice to include in our daily life is to constantly practice becoming present in the Now. To be fully were we are at the moment. Simply becoming present in the body and noticing the breath can be a way into presence.

Dear rest, I have been under stress too for quite a while, and I am aware of the need for ‘radical self-care’. I’m practicing that to the best of my abilities, walking that fine line between putting my health and well-being at the top of my list on the one hand, and on the other to be there for those who need me, and fulfill my obligations in my life.

Another way to implement radical self-care is to remind myself of my mortality. I have a limited time here on Earth in this body, and time sure seems to go fast.

Will I reach the end of my life not having lived, not having cared for the gift that my body is, or listened to my soul’s song or my heart’s dreams?

No, the time has come to go within and listen to my body, my heart and my soul for what they need, and then keep taking consistent steps to implement that in my life. To walk the path of the heart.

And you, my dear rest, are an essential part of my journey here on Earth. I will remember you during my days by taking time to stop for a moment now and then and simply take a deep breath in, become present, and let go and exhale while centering in the present moment, in my body – finding and connecting with the peace which is inside me at all times.

In peace,

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This post is both inspired of Susannah Conway’s prompt ‘Dear Rest’ in “April Love 2016” and by Stacey Hoffer’s prompt on Radical Self-Care in the Wisdom Bloggers Sisterhood.

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  1. Lovely Marianne! So much of what your wrote resonates with me. Forcing myself to stop, breathe & be present rejuvenates my mind, body & spirit. I just need to do it more often! 🙂

    • Marianne Soucy says

      I’m glad you like it, Tae. Yes, many of these practices we know already; the problem is just getting them done! Sometimes it can be helpful to get a reminder.

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