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When you order one Sacred Spirit Journey, one follow-up call via Skype is included. When you order two or more Sacred Spirit Journeys, e-mail support and one follow-up call via Skype is included. After you have made your payment, send me an e-mail or return to this page and use the contact form to give me details about the challenge closest to your heart, and this will be the focus of the first Sacred Spirit Journey. Choose an actual challenge that is both serious and real to you. After you receive the results of one Sacred Spirit Journey, we will be better able to determine what the focus of the next Sacred Spirit Journey should be.

After you have made your payment and supplied me with the relevant details about your challenge, I will confirm your order within 24 hours by return e-mail and with your delivery date which is normally within 5 business days, but depends on how many are on the waiting list. Messages are usually verbal, however, your messages may also consist of imagery, action steps, instruction, or even poetry. After you receive your Sacred Spirit Journey in a pdf file via e-mail, we can schedule a free 20 minute follow-up on Skype (optional).

Note:  I do a Sacred Spirit Journey through which I travel to the spirit realm and retrieve the actual spirit message, wisdom and/or healing you need right now in your life. Sacred Spirit Journeys are completely unique for each person.

Sacred Spirit Journey

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Contact Marianne for details and pricing on the 1-month “Let Your Spirit Fly” Inspired Action Plan and the 3-month “Give Your Dream Wings” Gold Plan. Individual Coaching Sessions are also available.

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