Sacred Spirit Writing – A practical and spiritual tool

Sacred Spirit Writing - Marianne Soucy - Give Your Dream Wings - sunset 940x625 txt shadowA practical and spiritual tool for connecting with your soul and with spirit

In this article I will share insights on a special spiritual writing technique I originally developed to capture the messages I received from my angel cat Kia in shamanic or Sacred Spirit Journeys, when I was grieving her loss and struggling with the guilt about the way she died.

I have shared many of Kia’s beautiful and comforting messages on my Healing Pet Loss website, and in my book, ”Healing Pet Loss – Practical Steps for Coping and Comforting Messages from Animals and Spirit Guides”. A few of the other areas where I have used this technique, can be found among the blog posts on this website.

This article will focus on the technique itself and some of its many uses, as it has turned out to be invaluable in many areas of my life. I used the Sacred Spirit Writing technique in the writing of this article, and I will share an excerpt from a Sacred Spirit Journey where my spirit guide talks about what Sacred Spirit Writing is.

As I begin the journey, I find myself on a beach. I relax and go out into the water. No stress and worries, just returning to me and to peace. I get out of the water and see my spirit guide waving from the beach. I smile and join him. I sit next to him on a blanket, looking out over the sea. Light is shimmering on the water like diamonds.

I ask my spirit guide what he can tell me about Sacred Spirit Writing?

He looks out into the distance and says:

“The Sacred Spirit Writing is what you do to connect with us and with yourself. It is more than capturing the actual messages, for it is part of your transformation – of your journey to becoming you – to connecting with your light and allowing yourself to shine that light in the world. You humans so easily get lost in your mind, and the writing technique anchors you in the physical by the hand writing while your spirit is flying free.

It’s a way of staying centered and grounded while doing the spirit work. Part of it is also grounding, as you know.

The Sacred Spirit Writing is a way of capturing those otherwise elusive messages from us in spirit, from animals, your higher self and other compassionate beings.

It is a way of practicing being a hollow bone, for you can only do it well when you let go of your ego etc. and become a clean tube or hollow bone for our wisdom and love to flow through. The Sacred Spirit Writing is furthermore a vehicle of love and light – for in and through the messages you put in writing, we pass on more than wisdom, we pass on to you our love, light, and a touch of the infinite self which we are and you are as well.

It is a spiritual practice and a tool for personal development.

For many, Sacred Spirit Writing will be a great relief let let go of the struggle it is to write, and instead experience the ease with which words of wisdom can flow and connecting with spirit guides can take place.

Always approach it with reverence and from a place of heart, and with the intention for the highest good of all.

As a path to living an authentic life, connecting with and shining your light and expressing your gifts with the world, Sacred Spirit Writing is an invaluable tool.

If you let your ‘heart guide’ gently lead and guide you, you can’t go wrong.

You will notice that the more you become present in your body and connect with the Earth and its beings, the higher your spirit can soar and the easier it will be to tap into the source of compassionate wisdom we provide. Let your spirit fly!”

I thank my spirit guide and end the journey.

Action step

If you read my spirit guide’s message carefully, you will find hints as to how the Sacred Spirit Writing is done. If you want to learn more, click HERE or on button below to download the e-book “Introduction To Sacred Spirit Writing”


  1. “If you let your heart guide gently lead and guide you, you can’t go wrong.” This resonates with me so deeply. I recognize how I have resisted following the guidance of my spirit guides in the past, and it never ends well.

    Such a timely reminder. Thank you so so much for sharing <3

  2. Dear Marianne, This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the words and wisdom, and most of all, the peace and love shared with you by your spirit guides. I feel blessed to have read this! xox, Reba

  3. Love this and I do sacred writing every day, i get such guidance, thanks for a beautiful article ♡♡♡

  4. Wow thank you for this Marianne. I need a guide for tapping that creative source and you gave it to me. Blessings

  5. Brandy Schuster says

    Beautiful Marianne! I keep a Spirit Journal and write in happenings of note but haven’t tried free flow writing through Spirit yet. I am so excited to use your technique! I am going to be starting to learn Shamantic Journeying and I think Spirit Writing will be very helpful after or during this practice. Thank you so much!

  6. Loved your sacred spirit writing technique! It is so true that many of us live in our heads and this is such a great tool to assist us to ground in our bodies and connect with our hearts. Thanks Marianne!

  7. Natasha Botkin says

    Love this article. I , too practice sacred writing and it’s such a beautiful way to connect with heart and soul.

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