Animal and Spirit Messages on Cultivating Joy

4-part Joy program This 4-part program contains animal and spirit messages to inspire and guide you to cultivating and living a JOYFUL life. These messages are short but powerful and are more than mere words: They contain the loving wisdom and healing energy of the animals and spirit guides sharing their insights on cultivating joy in your life. These inspiring, transformative messages are experienced with your heart and soul, and you will benefit from reading and listening to them repeatedly. To get an idea of the kind of wisdom and insights they contain, you can read the following blogs that contains animal and spirit messages on joy: “Spirit Advice for Cultivating Joy” and “A Message from Dolphin: How to cultivate Joy in challenging times“.

The four part program
  1. Hummingbird’s Message of Joy (mp3 and pdf)
  2. Soaring with Eagle: Joy is Freedom (mp3 and pdf)
  3. Back to Joy & Back to You (mp3 and pdf)
  4. The Importance of Joy in the Creation of your Dream Life and Business (mp3 and pdf)
Extra bonus: 2 guided meditations
  • Being Here Now: Meditation for Becoming Present (mp3)
  • The Open Heart: A Spirit Guided Meditation (mp3)
What you receive
  • 4 mp3s with unique wisdom, inspiration and healing words
  • 4 pdfs with unique wisdom, inspiration and healing words
  • 2 mp3s with unique and inspiring guided meditations
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