Coaching with Marianne Soucy

Give Your Dream Wings - Marianne Soucy - Tony Robbins quote 940 shadow textMarianne uses practical steps combined with animal and spirit wisdom to help you clarify, take action on and share your dream in the world.

She recognizes the importance of dealing with your whole being – emotional, physical, mental, spiritual – and that we are connected to everything else.

Coaching with Marianne may be right for you, if

  • You have a message or a dream you wish to share with the world, but you lack clarity, action steps and guidance in bringing your dream out in the world
  • You are seeking to create a meaningful life, shining your light
  • You wish to connect more deeply with animals and spirit guides
  • You have great love and respect for nature and all its beings
  • You recognize animals, plants – all of nature as your teachers
  • You are seeking to bring heart and soul into daily life
  • You want to live on purpose, deeply connected to spirit, but fully grounded in the physical world
  • You want to create a meaningful, happy and successful life for yourself and your family
  • You feel it’s time to bring more self-care into your daily life but can’t find the time or are unable to stick to it
  • You are ready to take action

You know what you want but need to identify the specific steps to take, and an accountability partner to help you get it done!

Coaching & Training include:

  • Clarifying and taking action on your dream
  • Guidance, inspiration, healing and empowerment from animal and spirit guides
  • Creating and using images for your blog and social media
  • Networking with social media
  • Spirit-guided writing
  • How to get out of overwhelm and be more productive without working more
  • Optimizing your blog to share your dream
  • Podcasting to share your dream with a wider audience
  • Additional resources or materials as needed


The 1-month “Let Your Spirit Fly” Inspired Action Plan

The 3-month “Give Your Dream Wings” Gold Plan

Individual sessions are available.

Sacred Spirit Journey

In addition to (or supplemental to) coaching I do Sacred Spirit Journeys through which I travel to the spirit realm and retrieve the actual spirit wisdom you need right now in your life. Sacred Spirit Journeys are unique for each person. Messages are usually verbal, however, your messages may also consist of imagery, action steps, instruction, or even poetry. After you receive your Sacred Spirit Journey in a pdf file via e-mail, we can schedule your free follow-up chat on Skype or Zoom.

Order your Sacred Spirit Journey and learn more about coaching

About Marianne Soucy

Marianne is a spiritual advisor and coach, and ashamanic practitioner since 1997. She is also the founder of, where one can, among other things, find many articles with wisdom and healing from spirit guides and pets in the afterlife. Marianne is also the host of the Healing Pet Loss Podcast, and the author of the book “Healing Pet Loss – Practical Steps for Coping & Comforting Messages from Animals and Spirit Guides“, which is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format.

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