Power Animal Retrieval

A time-tested way to become empowered, and to access heart wisdom, support and guidance in your daily life.

  Power Animal Retreival


Getting connecting with your power animal is a way to stop giving away your power and take back the charge of your own life – and returning to living a life that’s more in tune with your soul and with the natural world. Becoming connected with your power animal is a way back to harmony, peace, joy and fulfillment. That means that for instance when you need to make important decisions in your life, you don’t have to rely on ‘outside’ information, you have access to your own source of divine wisdom and loving guidance.


Power animals are animal spirit guides that have many ‘roles’ or functions. A power animal can be a source of power, protection, strength, heart guidance, a source of great wisdom, a soul friend.

If you’ve had a beloved pet, you’ll have experienced your animal friend’s unconditional love, constant support, non-judgmental companionship, and the purity of their love and being. The connection with power animals is similar, and can bring much wisdom and healing, especially when you connect with them and work consciously to heal, empower and create your dream life. The purity of love and the loving support is there as well, but power animals come in as many different forms as there are animals on this Earth, and more, for they can be magical creatures too. Each animal has their own special qualities and teachings to share.


A power animal retrieval is for you when . . .

  • You wish to be connected with you animal spirit guide and are ready to step into a loving and learning relationship with spirit with an open heart and mind, ready to take charge of your life and grow in all areas of your life.
  • You know something about shamanic journeying, and perhaps have tried it, and you now feel ready to re-connect and to em-power your life. You are ready to bring the spirit and nature connection into your daily life.
  • You are a spiritual man or woman who has spent too many years giving away your power in a job, or a life that doesn’t resonate with your spiritual longing. You need and yearn to connect with nature and with animals, and to create a life where guidance you receive can come in a heartfelt way from your own inner wisdom and guides.
  • You have a spiritual longing and an inner yearning to go deeper and to be more you; to live a more intuitive life by honoring yourself, animals, the natural world. Your inner yearning has become so powerful that you just can’t ignore it anymore.
  • You are on a healing journey and and looking for support to return to health and harmony
  • You’ve been having recurring dreams of animals, or meet animals either literally or symbolically that you feel are important and carry a message or guidance for you.
These are a few of the most typical situations in which a power animal retrieval can be a great first step.

When you are connected with your power animal (or animal spirit guide or ally), you have a strong foundation and access to support, as you do the transformational work needed in becoming a more authentic you and creating a life for yourself that is meaningful, and a life where you can make a difference in the world with your unique gifts, while staying deeply connected to spirit and self.


The easiest way to get started is to order a Power Animal Retrieval with me, where I will do a Sacred Spirit Journey on your behalf and connect you with your power animal and bring back your power animals message for you.

Are you ready to open your heart and mind?

Are you ready to welcome into your life the animal guide who is just waiting for you to reach out?

Are you are ready to receive loving healing wisdom and guidance and take action steps in your life, so you can live a more authentic, Heart – Earth – Soul – connected life?

Are you ready to begin? Order your Power Animal Retrieval below.

I can honestly say that connecting with my power animal changed my life. I first connected with my power animal in 1997 and have been connecting ever since; for myself, for my family, for animals and pets and many different types of clients. Connecting with and working with my power animal, and expanding my ‘animal and spirit network’ has brought me wisdom, love and guidance I had never dreamed was available, and it has given me the strength and the courage to create a life for myself I never before would have imagined. ~ Marianne Soucy
I look forward to connecting you with your power animal, and supporting you on your life’s journey.

Love and light,
Marianne Soucy

Power Animal Retrieval
includes 25 minute followup call
$125.00 USD (PayPal account not required.)


After you have made your payment, please send an e-mail to this address:


And let me know the following:
  • Your first and last name
  • Where you live (country and nearest large city)
  • Your motivation and intention for getting a power animal
After you have made your payment and supplied me with the relevant details, I will confirm your order within 24 hours by return e-mail with your expected delivery date which is usually within 7 days, but depends on how many are on the waiting list. After you receive your Sacred Spirit Journey in a pdf file via e-mail, we can schedule our 25 minute follow-up call via Skype or Zoom.

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