‘Should I give up on my dream?’

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‘Should I follow or give up on my dream?’ is a question that many people ask themselves. Recently, that question came up in a reading with one of my clients.

This article is an excerpt of the reading I did for this client. She had begun taking steps to follow her dream and began training in something she had been dreaming of for years. However she was experiencing a setback and was in doubt whether to continue or give up on her dream.

Oracle card reading & shamanic journey

I used Christine DeCamp’s Wild Wisdom Oracle Cards to receive insights for her.

Before I draw the card, I go into my heart and connect with my spirit guide there. Once in the heart center, a door appears, representing the cards. It is more of a veil or curtain, actually, a ’tree curtain.’

We step out into the card landscape, walk through the forest and continue out into a meadow. We seem to have walked from the forest of the cards and into one of the landscapes I sometimes travel to in my Sacred Spirit Journeys (similar to shamanic journeys). We walk over to a pond where I sometimes meet with my angel cat, Pittiput. Pittiput is by the pond now too. He reminds my client to live in faith. Pittiput says:

“Remember your dream and live in faith.”

The scene switches to a wild nature area, and out from among some trees, a large male deer with big antlers comes to us. Deer says:

”I’m here to remind you to connect with your own power and with spirit. Embrace the power that is yours.”

We are back by the pond again. I am now holding the cards, and a frog jumps up and lands on the cards. It’s time to draw a card.

The card that I draw is:

Mermaid Fountain
‘Water Goddess and Giver of Life.
Her leaf umbrella is an emblem of spiritual protection and power.’

Mermaid Fountain cardImage used with permission of Christine DeCamp

I walk into the landscape of the card. It’s a moonlit night. Peaceful. A row of tall evergreen trees are lined up like guardians or protectors around the Mermaid Fountain.

I’m pleased to see that my angel cat Pittiput is here too. He’s walking around among the trees. I hear the sound of the water from the fountain.

I ask how this card is relevant to the intention of this reading/journey.

“Come here, and I will tell you”, I hear a friendly voice say. It is the mermaid speaking. She smiles to us and says:

“You are protected and safe during your dark times. Remember that. All you need to do is remember. Remember your connection to spirit. Remember you’re not separate from the powers that be. That includes your own power!

In times of darkness and of doubt, hold the vision of your heart’s dream and remind yourself of Pittiput’s words about living in faith.

When you acknowledge your emotions, and don’t identify with them but recognize them for what they are: temporary, just emotions – they are not who you are – then your decisions and your path become clear.

Come to this fountain for healing, protection and for bringing new life to your hopes and dreams.

You can even imagine yourself in a grove surrounded by the tall evergreen trees you like. Feel how being in that place makes you feel protected, safe, and empowered.

Like a mermaid is half human, half of the sea, you as humans will always have emotions, so you can’t avoid them. Let the power of water help you on your journey. It cleanses you when you bathe or drink it; it is the source of life, and it is a large part of who you are, as you know.

And as you also know, the power of your words and thoughts affect water1, so what you tell yourself affects you. Be clear on what you want to do, and instead of telling yourself you can’t do it, surround yourself and infuse yourself with words of hope, and inspiration, and your dreams come true.

Become one with the image of you having reached your goal. Keep working with the image of the new you, and keep taking steps that will support you in getting there. Work on both the inner and the outer.


I give thanks and we say goodbye. We step back through the ‘curtain’ and into the heart. I end the reading/journey.

Suggested action steps

You may be wondering what next steps you could take, if the reading/journey was for you. Well, each reading, of course, is individual, and if I did a reading or journey for you on the same topic, it might look very different. However, to give you a taste of what steps you might take after receiving a journey/reading like the above, here’s what you could do:

a) Read the messages that came through often; every day for a period is recommended. The messages, as you can probably sense, are not mere words; they carry a certain power or energy with them. Read the messages and let them sit with you for a while. Often you don’t need to analyze them – in fact, I’ve found that in most cases, experiencing the messages without trying to understand it all, gives the best result. Analyzing can block the experience and the benefits.

b) If animals show up like in this journey, an obvious and recommended step to research and work more closely with them, for example through shamanic journeys, meditations, journaling, researching the life and behavior of the physical counterparts of these spirit animals. What or how deep you would go into this part, would vary from person to person. One the the animals that show up may even be your power animal.

c) Ask yourself: What action steps am I inspired to take after receiving this reading/journey?

d) Often one reading is enough to get inspiration and guidance, but, depending on the topic of the reading, and how much of a challenge it presents in your life, it can in many cases be helpful to either have follow-up readings, shamanic journeys, or healing done, and perhaps some coaching sessions.

If you were to have a reading done for you, what area of your life would you want the reading to focus on?

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If you want to try out Christine DeCamp’s Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards for yourself or your clients, you can learn more about them at ChristineDeCamp.com.

1. See: Water, Consciousness & Intent by Dr. Masaru Emoto


  1. Beautiful journey Marianne. “Keep working with the image of the new you and keep taking steps that will support you in getting there.” Wisdom to live by. <3

  2. That is a beautiful post and the mermaid card actually means a lot to me today! I have had an obsession with mermaids over the past few weeks and not sure why! This is a reminder to me that I am protected and need to keep moving towards my dream!

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