Six Tips for a Mindful Career Transition

Career Transition - guest post by Liesel Teversham on Give Your Dream Wings I am happy to present this guest article by Liesel Teversham here on Give Your Dream Wings. Liesel is a good friend of mine, and I enjoyed being a contributor to her book “Coping with a dying pet”, in which I share three Sacred Spirit Journeys I did for her beloved dog Jack when he was dying. If you are contemplating a career change and are looking to create a more fulfilling work life, you will find helpful and inspiring insights and suggestions in Liesel’s article below:

Guest Author: Liesel Teversham

Are you facing the decision to find a different career path? One that makes Monday mornings exciting, and sends you to dreamland with a feeling of fulfillment and joy? If that’s where you want to go, yet you currently feel stuck in a job you dislike, I know… it may feel awfully scary, yet exciting at the same time. On the uncomfortable side, it can mean:

• You might fear losing friends and colleagues in the current environment • You might feel scared to make the wrong choice • You may have thoughts like “I just need to stick it out!” yet there’s a part of you that’s completely fed-up and would resign tomorrow, if it wasn’t for the money • You might have inner conflicts tearing you in two or three… going back and forth, back and forth • You may already be aware of your health suffering under the strain and unhappiness • You may feel a quiet desperation inside, like your life-force flame is burning smaller by the day • You may wonder what people might say if you do make a change. Things like “Are you crazy? How can you give up that fantastic position to go and do what you LOVE? That’s irrational ad irresponsible!” • You feel something like “Better the devil I know….” • Feeling unsure about where to start the search • It feels like a mountain to go for interviews, especially if you have been in one job for a number of years

On the upside, a fulfilling new career could mean:

• You love life again, and brimming with energy and enthusiasm each day • Discovering parts of yourself and talents you never knew existed • Growing into the person you’ve always wanted to be • Learning new skills • Leaping out of bed, instead of pressing the snooze button more times than you should • Feeling excited about fresh, new opportunities • Meeting new people and making new friends (while still staying friends with old colleagues if you choose) • Adding new entries to your CV and being even more marketable, if there is a next time • Your family commenting on your happiness, and not on your grumpiness • Finally feeling like you’re living your purpose, and making a difference like you’ve always wanted to do

I can identify with all of the above. Allow me to share a little bit about my personal journey with career changes? TrappedI started off as a musician after a 4 year music degree. My job was to play clarinet in the SA Army Military Band. It was exciting for a few years with travel to different parts of the country. And then, things changed… it became boring, unsatisfying, and I became aware of a growing and urgent need to find something more fulfilling, where I could learn new skills, and apply dormant talents. After scouring the Sunday papers for months to try and find something different, and feeling very despondent, I took a huge leap of faith. I resigned, cashed in an endowment policy, and studied computer programming. My friends thought I was crazy and irresponsible. I was fortunate to find a new job straight away, and loved the stimulating environment. I loved the first few years, the learning and growing, working with systems, teaching people how to use them, and being creative with writing software. Then, I started working too hard and I simply had no idea how to say ‘no’ to too much work. I was overloaded, stressed, low on energy, started hating Mondays and couldn’t see myself doing that for much longer. One day, I simply knew. I resigned again with only a few hours of consulting promised to me in the next few months. The stress of not knowing where the next pay check would come from, was big… yet, the relief of no longer experiencing long hours and deadlines day in, day out was wonderful. Finally, I was able to start my dream career! I learned ways to help clients work through challenges and in that process, experienced enormous personal growth and fulfillment. As you can imagine, this was the short version! I experienced all the fears and insecurity I mentioned earlier. And now, I am also experiencing the benefits of that leap every day now that I’ve found the career I absolutely love getting up for. I’d like to offer a few tips to support your own journey of searching for a career that will be meaningful, one that will fill your soul with gladness and your body and mind with energy. 1. Growth and Mindfulness Make the overarching journey one of mindful growth. Ask your Higher Self, Soul, Angels, Guides for support and guidance as often as you can and have the intention that you will grow and be filled with Awareness during this journey. 2. Clarity Ask yourself great questions. Spend quality time answering them and getting really, really clear on what’s important to you. For instance:

1. What does ‘success’ mean to me? 2. What kind of career or job will fulfill these success criteria? 3. What is most important to me, or said in a different way, What are my highest values? 4. What am I willing to give up, to find a fulfilling career? 5. What will I no longer compromise for a fulfilling career? 6. Can I use what I love and enjoy most (and my highest values) in my current career? 7. How can I create a new career where I can live my highest values?

3. Process Finding a fulfilling, meaningful career is a process. Give yourself enough time and be patient with the process and yourself. Know in your heart that the right position may still be in the process of being created, or being vacated! 4. Fulfillment Find other activities in the meantime that will fill your heart and soul with joy and enthusiasm, if you’re no longer fulfilled at work. For instance start a new hobby (like painting or learning a musical instrument), volunteer at organizations that need help. Anything that can help you feel like you are already making a difference somewhere. This will take the desperation out of your career search, seeing your needs of fulfillment and being of value is met somewhere else, even if only temporary. And who knows… these activities may lead to opportunities to create your ideal career! 5. Ask for Help Get help from a coach, a friend, or someone else who can provide objective guidance and support. I walked my career journey alone and some days the fear was overwhelming. I had no tools at the time (like EFT, coaching, or The Sedona Method) and my nerves were shattered sometimes. Asking for help from appropriate sources is a sign of strength, not weakness. It says you’re serious about your journey and the outcome and that you’d like to make this journey a conscious, growth path, and that you’re not willing to just stumble on to the next best thing. 6. Know your Talents Get to know your Strengths and Talents before going for any interviews. One way is to do an online assessment (with the Gallup StrengthsFinder). In this case, please make sure you have an Awareness Discussion with a Strengths Coach, who can explain the Strengths, and how they interplay with each other. This person ideally would also be able to help you prepare for interviews and be comfortable talking about your great qualities and what you would bring to an organization. Again, a reminder that it’s a process. If we choose to grow through this process, it can be a fulfilling journey in itself, and finding that wonderful new career path will be the cherry on top of something that was wonderful in itself. Make the journey the most important – the end result will be even more worthwhile. I wish you every success in finding a career you love!

About Liesel Teversham:

Liesel TevershamLiesel is the author of “No Problem. The Upside of Saying No” and “Coping with a Dying Pet”. She’s the creator of the Savvy Self-Care Secrets Telesummit, and co-creator of the EFT Academy of Southern Africa. She currently works with successful women who want a meaningful career where they can make a difference. She teaches women to utilize their unique talents and strengths as a firm foundation while they grow and find their true calling. Claim your ecourse on Savvy Goals at  


  1. Liesel,

    Everyone seems to think you are crazy when you have the urge to take risks in life. It reminds me of a scene in Eat, Pray, Love where Liz’s best friend finally stops trying to talk her out of leaving – then admits she wishes were going herself. That’s why you cannot live to make others happy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dear Marianne,
    Thanks so much for hosting my blog! This is a topic so close to my heart, and I’m so excited that you and I are now able to help someone in that “scared and excited” place.

    Your contribution to the book, and to our lives, was so precious, heart-warming and loving. Thank you for all the good you do in the world.

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