Soul Blog Collection package

Soul Blog Collection Package

E-book with seven blogs with spirit journeys, inspiration and advice for connecting with your soul. Includes, three mp3 Meditations – plus an empowering bonus Spirit Journey – all to you connect you with your soul at a deeper level.

The ‘Soul Blog Collection’ is for you who are seeking a deeper connection to your Soul and to Spirit and are looking for ways to integrate your soul and spirit connection in your daily life. It is for you who are intrigued by the possibilities of receiving guidance and inspiration from within and from spirit.

Marianne has a background with more then 15 years of doing shamanic journeys and other spiritual practices, which she has integrated into her daily life.

In the ‘Soul Blog Collection’, Marianne uses Sacred Spirit Journeys (a form of shamanic journey) and the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards to receive useful insights and inspiration for connecting with your soul.

The “Soul Blog Collection” package consists of:

A) Seven blogs with spirit journeys, inspiration and advice for connecting with your soul.

Here is a list of the articles:

  1. “Your Soul Is Singing – Can you hear it?”
  2. “How Pets Can Help You Connect With Your Soul”
  3. “Find your voice and speak your truth”
  4. “A Simple Practice To Connect With Your Soul In Your Daily Life”
  5. “How To Feel Confident and Empowered Sharing Your Spiritual Gifts – Insights from Dragon”
  6. “Goddesses Abundantia and Yemanya Teach You About Connecting With Your Soul”
  7. “Connecting With Your Higher Self for Inspiration and Purpose”

B) Three meditations:

  1. Gathering Your Light – a meditation to connect you with and shine your light
  2. The Open Heart – A spirit-guided meditation
  3. Being Here Now – a meditation for becoming present in your body and in your life

C) Cinderella Re-visited: An empowering bonus spirit journey with a Cinderella reframe.

An inspiring Sacred Spirit Journey with surprising spirit insights on what Cinderella can teach you about finding your voice and speaking your truth.

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