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Finding ways to create and live a joyful life has been on my mind a lot during the last several months, and in today’s blog, I will share a message I received in one of my Sacred Spirit Journeys about cultivating joy. But first, I’m happy to announce that today is also the day that my friend and bestselling publisher Linda Joy released Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy featuring the soul-inspiring stories of 38 amazing women who share their intimate stories of transformation. Cultivating Joy also includes Reflection Questions after each story which will empower you to integrate the vital lessons of each woman’s journey into your own life. For a limited time you can get over 50 transformational gifts with your copy of Cultivating Joy. Learn more and get your copy today> www.CultivatingJoyBook.com.

A spirit message on cultivating joy

Spirit Advice for Cultivating Joy - Marianne Soucy shAs I begin the Sacred Spirit Journey (similar to a shamanic journey), I find myself walking barefoot in the grass in nature. Returning to nature is returning to me – and to peace. It’s a late spring or early summer day and the place looks like our garden by the big, old apple tree on a gorgeous day. My spirit guide is with me. He says:

“Finding joy can sometimes be difficult when you live in a world where each day you encounter violence, pollution and other troubling things in your own life or in the news. It is easy and understandable that you may at times feel helpless and disillusioned.

The first thing you need to realize is that you can’t take it upon yourself to fix it all yourself. That is obviously not possible, so however difficult it may be, there must be a degree of acceptance of the Now, so that instead of freezing up in the face of the overwhelming tasks of ‘saving the world’, you can return to your own center, peace, your soul, and from there – from a place of strength – make the choice as to where you can and wish to put in your efforts to create a better world.

Where does your heart lead you to make a difference?

CHOICES need to be made, and when you do and focus your efforts, the results you see – and the connections you make – will bring joy and meaning, not just to your own life but to those you touch.

And now that we’re talking about choices: I also encourage you to – in a quiet moment – look at who you’re surrounding yourself with, and what habits and even beliefs you have, that are preventing you from experiencing joy – and creating joy.

Is there something that you need to let go of?

Is there a habit or a belief you need to change?

The task of cultivating joy is an inner as well as an outer one. It is a combination of and balance between accepting the present moment – allowing yourself to be fully in the present – while at the same time having the courage and focus to make choices.

To cultivate joy in your life, you need to take charge of your life, accept that you are responsible for the actions you take, and that in fact that you can CREATE your life.

And, as I have mentioned in previous journeys, remember that you are not alone on this journey. All the animals and beings of the Earth will support you, if you approach them with an open heart and in the spirit of mutual respect and appreciation. And many of us in spirit are just waiting for you to call on us to help you create a beautiful life for you and a beautiful world for us all.

Take the first step today.

What 1 step can you take to cultivate joy in your life?

And what step can you take to share your joy in the world?”

I thank my spirit guide and end the journey.

Action steps:

1) Please share your thoughts on how you can bring joy into your daily life in the comments section below. 2) Download my free giftA Soul Message On Living A Joyful Life” – with a special message that was shared with me by my soul on what is preventing many people from living a joyful life, and what to do about it. 3) And be sure to check out Inspired Living Publishing’s much anticipated new book, Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy at www.CultivatingJoyBook.com. Cultivating joy image Linda Joy


  1. Beautiful post Marianne. I so enjoy your spirit messages. “And many of us in spirit are just waiting on you to call on us to help you create a beautiful life…” This powerful message has been showing up a lot lately. We are not alone and have infinite resources available to us to cultivate joy! Thank you <3

  2. This is a very moving and timely message. I enjoyed this post and blog. I look forward to the book!

  3. Wonderful post Marianne. You’re absolutely right, joy is a choice we make everyday. I find joy arises naturally from within my heart when I’m in a space of gratitude for all the big-small gifts in my life, including the gift of having a body. Much love xo

  4. HI, Marianne! Thank you so much for your support of Cultivating Joy! This blog post is wonderful. It can be hard to think about “joy” when you see the latest news report or think about how we are polluting our Earth. But, knowing you are in control of your OWN joy, I think, creates a ripple effect around the world. Much love to you!

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