Spirit Insights on Being Love

Being Love is to be connected to your soul, to the Earth, and to spirit 2
To BE love – what does that mean, anyway? It sounds beautiful, but how do we go about it? What steps do we take or what practices can we include in our lives to BE love?

My favorite way of receiving insights as well as guidance, healing and inspiration, is through my Sacred Spirit Journeys – a type of shamanic journey which I have been using for years to connect with animals, spirit guides, and my soul.

To learn more about Being love, I did a journey, and I am grateful to be able to share here the beautiful and insightful message I received from my spirit guide about BEING love:

I prepare for the journey, and as I begin, I sense my spirit guide in my heart. He says:

”Being love is to be connected to your soul, to the Earth and to spirit.

Being love is shining your light – it’s beyond giving and receiving.

If you imagine or watch a flower, you’ll see that it’s more about allowing.

Allow the seed within you, which is your true self, to grow and blossom.

When it comes down to it… it is mostly about letting go of resistance or whatever is blocking you, so that the love which is within you – and which you are – can grow, expand, and fill you and your life.

What you seek is not outside you, but it will emerge from within, if you let it.

Being love is approaching each day with gratitude and appreciation
Being love is approaching each day with gratitude and appreciation, and meeting those you encounter with compassion and non-judgment, knowing in your heart that each is fighting their own battles, and each has a light inside which they are to share in the world.

Acknowledge people where they are and support them on their soul’s journey.

Being love is seeing the light that they are and holding the space for them to take the next step in their evolution.

Being love is being centered in and live from the heart, letting your heart guide you in all matters.

Being love means loving yourself first. Let go of judgments about yourself, and be okay with who and where you are. Allow your authentic self to shine through; that is the only way you can share your unique expression of love with the world.

If you look at animals, they are not trying to be what they are not. They are authentic.

Being authentically you is a way of Being love. You are true to what or who you are. That brings joy to you and to those you meet.

But, if you are not true to your heart, resentment will grow instead, and it will not be love and light you share when you meet others.

Being love involves an attitude and approach to life of no-harm and respect for others.

Love is seeing others as yourself. It is realizing that we are all related. We all share this precious Earth.

Love is seeing all as your family. See the light in others which is also in yourself, and let it expand to include all, embrace all.

Being love is holding the Big Dream – the vision of one world, of peace. See beyond the struggles and battles that are taking place. See beyond and find the light in the place beyond good and bad – the place where there is only love. Love for no particular reason. Find the place where you not only love but where you ARE love. Hold that vision, and bring it into your daily life, so that others may be inspired to become love as well.

A great support on this path to Being love, besides what has already been shared, is to connect with animals and spirit guides, and with nature. They can all help you move from your mind into your body and into your heart. They can help you connect with YOUR true self, for they pass no judgments. They see only love and they ARE love. They can help you return to BEING love, for that is your original state.

When you peel off all the layers, you’ll see that love is all there is, and love is what you are.

Blessings and love.”

I thank my spirit guide and end the journey.

May these words from spirit inspire and empower you on your journey to becoming love.

What does ’Being Love’ mean to you?

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  1. Colleen says

    Thank you , once again for an inspiring post, Marianne! Being Love for me means: to Love what is, NOW- to Dance with Life-to Appreciate Beauty Everyday- and to Shine our Light.

  2. Lorene says

    It’s important to love who we are and not what others think we should be. Enjoyed!

  3. Thank you, Marianne, this is such a healing post, and I needed these words today. Gratitude to you for being you and for the beautiful gifts you share, xo, Reba

  4. I’m ready to “hold the big dream!” Thank you, Marianne! My favorite line from this post: “Being authentically you is a way of Being Love.”

    The Universe, through you, is sending me exactly the reminder I needed this morning. Thank you so much for this wise and loving article!

  5. Marianne this is a lovely post and so eloquently describes what “Being Love” truly is! I would love to make this into a poster and put it on my wall in my office as you so captured in my heart of hearts what Being Love is to me. I love this line especially “When you peel off all the layers, you’ll see that love is all there is, and love is who you are.” Magnificent Marianne Tears of joy and love xo

  6. Marianne, I think this is your best post ever…. Letting go of judgments, knowing we are all connected, noticing the authenticity of animals… all great observations about “being love.” Thanks.

  7. Love the words from your spirit guide touched my heart xxoo

  8. Marianne, I love your personal definitions of what it means to you to “Be Love.’

    “Being love is approaching each day with gratitude & appreciation…” resonates with me on a soul level because embracing a daily gratitude practice over 25 years ago is how I changed my life. Thank you for capturing and sharing your thoughts on the power of “Being Love” xoxo

    • Marianne Soucy says

      Thanks for stopping by, Linda, and for your kind words. I also find that a daily gratitude practice is powerful and I’m discovering new depths to it all the time.

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