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Grace is appreciation and connectedness - Marianne Soucy
I am honored to be a co-author of the book, “365 Moments of Grace”. In celebration of the book’s launch, I would like to share insights from spirit on what GRACE is as well as a little about how I prepared for my contribution to the book.

When I was about to start on my chapter for the book, I decided to connect with my spirit guide to receive insights and guidance, below is an excerpt of my Sacred Spirit Journey.

As I begin the Sacred Spirit Journey, I take the starting point in the Tree Grounding Meditation this time. (It is a simple meditation for becoming grounded and centered, which can also, with practice, be used as a starting point for shamanic journeys.)

I find myself turning into a big tree, growing by the edge of the sea. The sun is shining beautifully. The tree quickly begins to grow upwards – all the way high up in the clear blue sky. I feel I’m in the light. It’s so beautiful up here. And the Earth far below looks beautiful too. I step out on a cloud and walk around. I sit down looking around and down on the Earth below.

My spirit guide says:

“Moments of grace happen all the time, but they will only feel as moments of grace if you recognize them as such.

All the journeys you do and the messages you receive from spirits and animals – live or in the afterlife: Wouldn’t you describe them a ‘moments or writings of grace’?

Grace is when you are touched by the Divine in whatever form it takes. An open heart and an open mind prepares you for experiencing grace. Doubts can get in the way.

Grace is a feeling of deep appreciation and connectedness.

Grace is when you live in deep gratitude, recognizing the miracles happening in your life”.

Grace is being touched by the Divine - Marianne Soucy
Marianne: “Very beautiful, but how do I choose ONE moment of grace for my chapter in the book?”

Spirit guide:

“Which one not only stands out to you but changed your life?”


“What truly changed my life was beginning to receive healing messages of love and peace from our beloved cat Kia after she died.

It wasn’t just a moment of grace; it was as if a door opened and I have now direct access to grace, as I connect with and receive messages from spirit and from animals, alive and in the afterlife.

Grace is readily available. Our work consists mainly of becoming ‘hollow bones’. That is the best way I can describe it. Only when we are open and unblocked, will grace be able to flow through us.

Being able to share that grace in the form of these writings, is kind of amazing, when I think about it.”

My spirit guide smiles: “I guess you got your answer.”

Marianne: “Yes. I’ll use my moment of grace with Kia for the book.”

Spirit guide: “Good

I thank my spirit guide and end the journey.

grace book cover
You can find my chapter: “The Gift of Grace from an Angel Cat” about reconnecting with my angel cat Kia after her passing, in Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck’s book ‘365 Moments of Grace‘ along with many other beautiful stories from my co-authors.

You can also read messages from my angel cat Kia in my book “Healing Pet Loss – Practical Steps for Coping & Comforting Messages from Animals and Spirit Guides“.Healing Pet Loss 3D 250 x 315 hpl book cover


  1. I love your process and your shares. They truly are full of grace!

  2. What I love most is the simplicity you used to get guidance. JUST ASK. Our angels are always willing to guide us if we ASK! So grateful for your incredible contribution to this book.

    • Marianne Soucy says

      Very good point, Kristie. So often we think we have to do and know everything ourselves, and things changed a lot for me when I learned and made a habit of simply asking – in a respectful way, of course. I realized that the insights I could receive from spirit, animals, etc. were really deep, wise and compassionate – and actually quite easy to access once I manage to get myself out of the way.

  3. You are right Marianne. It is only when I have an open heart and mind that I can connect with the Divine. There’ no room for him/her in a cluttered mind and heart.

  4. This, especially, is what speaks to me: “Moments of grace happen all the time, but they will only feel as moments of grace if you recognize them as such.” I had a wonderful conversation yesterday about the power of gratitude – and specifically a committed gratitude journal practice – and how it contributes to mindfulness and awakening consciousness. We spoke of how the days when it’s a challenge to find the 5 things (or 10 – whatever you’ve committed to) are actually the most powerful days because you’re forced to look far beyond the surface and superficial and find the true grace in your life. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  5. How wonderful that you can so easily connect with your spirit guides, Marianne. “Grace is when you are touched by the Divine.” Love it 🙂

  6. I love reading your Spirit journeys — always a gift. Thank you for sharing! xoxo

  7. Natasha Botkin says

    Beautiful to share this platform with you. I look forward to reading your story. Thank you for your divinely flowing words. xoxo

  8. What a wonderful way to receive guidance on which story to share Marianne! I loved hearing you share the story of Kia and how purr-fect that her grace is touching people’s lives through your new book now as well.

  9. Congratulations Marianne on your new book! I love this piece of grace…now I feel full of grace. Much love

  10. First, how lovely it is to share sacred space in our new book 365 Moments of Grace, Marianne. It was also such a fun, yet intense book launch yesterday for me. I look forward to getting the book soon to read your story! I also appreciate how you tap into the Divine for guidance. Namaste

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