Widening The Circle Of Compassion – Hedgehog Wisdom

This article is number 4 in the “Widening The Circle Of Compassion” series. While you can read this article independently, I invite you to read all the articles in the series where you will meet fox, spider, and … [Read more...]

Insights On Walking In Peace

How many years have I taken this body of mine for granted - or complained about it? Focusing on all the things about it that I don't like. But as I awaken to the true miracle and gift my body is, I have … [Read more...]

Facing Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction – Spirit advice for the individual

"Let compassion be your guiding light" ~ The Goddess of Compassion Recent disturbing news that we are now officially into the 6th Mass Extinction here on Earth. The magnitude and severeness of … [Read more...]

On empowerment – places of healing and power

This first article in the mini-article series on Empowerment we deal with places as a way to healing and empowerment. Empowerment is such an important topic in these times when so many people feel powerless, … [Read more...]

Reclaim Your Power – Life Wisdom from Horse

Animals are wonderful teachers, and in this article I will bring your further teachings from Horse. (If you haven't read "Horse Wisdom - Walking In Power And Grace", you can do so here). If you are reading this … [Read more...]

Horse Wisdom: Walking in power and grace

On our path to healing, inspiration and empowerment, we can find much support in nature and from animals - both in physical reality and in sacred spirit journeys. Today I will share an excerpt from a sacred spirit … [Read more...]

Healing wisdom from Marigold

On your path through life, you are not alone. Besides learning to trust and work with your own intuition, and with mentors and friends in the physical world, you also have access to a great number of spirit … [Read more...]

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