You got a power animal retrieval – now what?

Spirit insights on how to work with your animal spirit guide Since you are reading this article, it is likely you have been connected with a power animal or animal spirit guide, but you’re not sure what to do next. … [Read more...]

Spirit Advice For Cultivating Joy

Finding ways to create and live a joyful life has been on my mind a lot during the last several months, and in today’s blog, I will share a message I received in one of my Sacred Spirit Journeys about cultivating … [Read more...]

Cornflower wisdom on breaking through obstacles

In this article I will share a Sacred Spirit Journey I did for a client where a cornflower came forward with insights on breaking through the obstacles that he felt kept holding him back in his life and … [Read more...]

Like a true king – Cecil the Lion speaks

On July 1st (2015), the well-known lion Cecil was brutally killed by an American hunter in Zimbabwe, and understandably, there's a general outrage and sadness worldwide after the loss of this great creature. I … [Read more...]

Sacred Spirit Writing – A practical and spiritual tool

A practical and spiritual tool for connecting with your soul and with spirit In this article I will share insights on a special spiritual writing technique I originally developed to capture the messages I received … [Read more...]

Facing Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction – Spirit advice for the individual

"Let compassion be your guiding light" ~ The Goddess of Compassion Recent disturbing news that we are now officially into the 6th Mass Extinction here on Earth. The magnitude and severeness of … [Read more...]

Butterfly Dreams – a Sacred Spirit Journey

Butterflies are beautiful beings and powerful symbols of transformation. The following Sacred Spirit Journey brings wonderful teachings from butterfly and other animal and spirit guides, and inspired my client to … [Read more...]

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