Kelly-Ann Finan“I absolutely love all the insights Marianne delivers from the Sacred Spirit Journeys. Every one is so ‘pertinent’ and I resonate with all of them! So many synchronicities occurred which inspired me to keep ‘moving forward’ and being ‘visible’, trusting my intuition! Marianne’s coaching is exceptional and she is always there for you when you need her! I have already recommended Marianne to friends and I highly recommend her to ALL of you. Thank You Marianne for such beautiful and nurturing coaching! 🙂 “

Kelly-Ann Finan Aeracura Essences

Kathrine Hiraldo“At the time I requested a Sacred Spirit Journey I felt lost and stuck. I wasn’t sure what steps to take next. It helped me first calm down. It helped to reassure me that I’m going through a process, and as such I have to take time to pause and process everything that’s going on. It reminded me to be patient, to ease into my journey, and to not forget how far I’ve already come. The Sacred Spirit Journey helped me see my own journey from a bigger perspective and helped me feel my way back to balance.”

Katherine Hiraldo www.KatherineHiraldo.com

Vatsala Shukla-Profile pic - Copy“I was new to the concept of the Sacred Journey and entered into it with Marianne with an open mind. There are many important changes in progress in my business and personal life and I was delighted to find validation and support through the reading that I am on the right track. The symbolism spoke to me at a deep level and I resonated with it based on my own spiritual faith and practice. I highly recommend Marianne’s services for anyone who is seeking to connect with their Divine Self to attain clarity and possible direction for achieving their cherished dreams.”

Vatsala Shukla The Karmic Ally Coaching Experience www.KarmicAllyCoaching.com

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