April Love Musings 6: Dear Books

Dear Books,You came into my life very early, and you have been a companion to me throughout my life. It's interesting when I look at how my connection with you has evolved.When I was a child, one of the 'books' l … [Read more...]

Find peace by connecting with your soul

One change in perspective that can help you to easily connect with your soul Many of us have a yearning to connect more deeply with our soul - with the essence of who we are, but in our busy daily life, it can … [Read more...]

The Open Heart – A Spirit-Guided Meditation

  As we open our heart to spirit, we open our heart to our soul, and to the other living beings we share our Earth journey with. I invite you to join me today on a journey into the heart, and into peace. In … [Read more...]

Sacred Spirit Writing – A practical and spiritual tool

A practical and spiritual tool for connecting with your soul and with spirit In this article I will share insights on a special spiritual writing technique I originally developed to capture the messages I received … [Read more...]

Heart-centered writing for soul-inspired authors – 3 key lessons I have learned

This article is for you, if you carry a message in your heart, that you wish to share with the world through a book or a blog. These are 3 of the key lessons I have learned along the way. Be authentic The … [Read more...]

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