How to remain positive and keep a vision for the future

How to remain positive and keep a vision - oracle card reading - Marianne Soucy 970

How to remain positive and keep a vision for the future at a 
time when it looks like the Earth and its beings have no future?

In this blog I will share insights received through the Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards by Christine DeCamp.

As I prepare, I first set the intention. I then do the Tree Grounding Meditation. I focus on my feet and imagine roots growing down in the Earth. Earth energy flowing up. As I focus on the top of my head, a ’tree crown’ grows out. Light comes in through the leaves. Light and warmth. Energy from below and above merge/mix – and as I center in the heart, the heart space is filled with the light of a beautiful summer day.

As my spirit guide and I step out through my heart center into the forest landscape, the sun is shining, and everything is more beautiful, alive and filled with light than ever before.

My spirit guide says:

“Your job is to hold the light, be the light, and share the light. As you find the light within, you will be able to create it without.

Without holding an image of the light – without keeping your vision alive on the inside, there is no hope on the outside. That’s why spiritual practices are so important. It need not be elaborate, but a daily practice where you go within – whether in shamanic journeys, meditations, or in your imagination, and connect with your vision for the Earth, is so important.

Move from a place of fear into faith. Let go of the fear long enough to connect with and create a vision in your heart of an Earth filled with light, life. See and feel it in as much detail as you can.

And a practical step you can take on the outside:

As you connect with your vision, keep a glass of water nearby or in your hands, and allow the energy of your positive vision to merge with the water, so that the water now carries your vision.

You have seen plenty of times that your thoughts, feelings, they affect water significantly – for example through the research and writings of Masaru Emoto and Sandra Ingerman.

As your water is now infused with your healthy vision for the Earth, drink some, and share some: Let others drink, pour it on the ground outside with a blessing and imagining how the vision brings new life, light and hope to all. Pour it in natural water sources that need it. Wherever you go with that sacred water, hold the vision and share it as you share the water.

What you see on the inside, you create on the outside.

While practical action steps are necessary, without a vision, it’s hard to stay motivated or keep up hope and get results. Recognize that what’s inside and outside, are deeply connected. You can’t have one without the other and succeed.”

We sit by a stream. The water is crystal clear. We can see the bottom clearly, the plants, the fish. Everything is perfect. I allow myself to embrace this image and concept of ‘perfect’. Seeking, feeling, believing in a nature and environment, and living beings that are in health, full of light, life, and in harmony.

Harmony - Marianne Soucy Give Your Dream Wings
My spirit guide says:

“That’s a good word to include in your water blessings: ‘harmony’. Try to set the intention for a day or a week and have ‘harmony’ as your ‘word’. Notice what happens. Keep a journal with your thoughts and experiences as you have ‘harmony’ as you intention and focus.”

Marianne: “What about the cards?”

He hands me the cards and in spirit I shuffle them as I listen to the sounds of the running water in the stream. The birds that are singing in the trees around us.

In ordinary reality, it’s now time to shuffle and draw a card as well:

Magic book
‘The harlequin as performer and magician… the book is a vehicle (knowledge and communication) to travel through the night sky. Exploring consciousness, Creativity, Connection and Communication’

Magic Book oracle card 400Image used with permission of Christine DeCamp

I get surprised as I draw the Magic Book card again. It has shown up quite a few times lately when I have been working with these cards.

As I look at the card again, I allow the image and the words to speak to me. The flying book points me to the power of words: words as carriers of energy but also a carriers of a message that needs to be shared. The fact that the book is flying tells me to look beyond the surface or appearance. Not just to believe in what I see, but to letting ‘believing’ come first. When I believe, then I’ll see. Showing me again the importance of moving into a place of faith. The importance of holding a vision, believing in the vision, no matter what the outside may look or seem.

In the text, the word ‘performer’ reminds me that I can choose my ‘role’. I can be a conscious creator of my own life, and through the power of my vision and my words, become a ‘magician’ (another word that stands out – a magician, which is simply one who believes, holds the vision, and takes actions to manifest or create that vision. One who doesn’t let the word ‘can’t be done’ stop her from believing in the power of her vision.

Through the sentence: ‘exploring consciousness, creativity, communication’ we are guided to go within; to let go of our limiting beliefs and go beyond to find the source of creativity and vision that’s buried there and embrace and communicate that vision in the world.

The owl brings you the gifts of the night. The darkness doesn’t need to only hold fear; with owl as our guide, we can see what we otherwise couldn’t see, and with the moon, we connect with the mystery, with our soul and with the cycles of nature.

Working with the moon is also a powerful practice for holding a positive vision for ourselves and the Earth. Letting go of what we need to let go of. Holding a vision of what we want and seeing it come closer or manifest.

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Action steps

1) Make time each day to connect with your vision.

2) Download the Tree Grounding Meditation and e-course ‘5 Days to Grounded & Centered‘. (PS: Notice how I used the tree grounding meditation at the beginning of this journey/reading.( You will also receive suggestions for creating a morning ritual.

3) Look at the card ‘Magic Book’. What stands out to you? Write down what you see and the thoughts and associations that come to you.

Next steps

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  1. Thank you, Marianne, so much wisdom in this post, both from you and from your messengers. xo, Reba

  2. Beautiful message Marianne. This spoke to me “words are carriers of energy but also carriers of a message that needs to be shared”. Love it! Thank you 🙂

  3. Beautiful post, Marianne, filled with ways to transmute the outer world appearances. I love your guidance about working with water. The light is shining forth.

  4. As is within, so is without. Harmony, balance, focus, determination, happiness, joy, – all begin from within. <3

  5. Marianne,
    that message “As you find the light within, you’ll be able to create it without.” is tugging at my heart and giving me so much solace.
    Thank you for all that you share.
    Much Love,

  6. Marianne love this post and your sharing of your experience. You have given me some ideas for using my own cards thankyou xxoo

    • Marianne Soucy says

      Thanks, Suzie. I’m glad you liked the post, and even found inspiration for working with your own beautiful cards 🙂

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