Living from Your Heart oracle card reading

Living from the Heart - oracle card reading I will do an oracle card reading for you using Christine DeCamp’s ‘Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards” and combine it with my personal insights.
“Thanks Marianne, for sharing your readings using my Wild Spirit Wisdom Cards! I love reading about your process & what info you are getting. Blessings to you!” ~Christine DeCamp,

In this reading, I will be holding the intention of receiving insights for you on living from heart. The Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards are, in my experience, excellent for that use, because they help you create a greater connection with nature and animals, and they open you up to greater levels of self-knowledge and can offer you new perspectives on your life situation.

From working with these cards, I have found that they invite you to center in your heart.

After you have ordered the ‘Living from the heart’ reading with the Wild Spirit Wisdom Oracle Cards, I will pull one or more cards (this varies with each reading) and write down my insights together with the messages that come through the cards.

Marianne Soucy, your readings are consistently solid and real, full of truth and heart. It doesn’t matter if it is a mini-reading or longer. You give your journeys your full attention and it shows. Spirit carries your physical being so you are not weighed down or burdened but can navigate the dimensions and nuances of what God shows you. For me, your gift is from and of God. You are selfless and therefore trustworthy. Thank you for being our teacher, Marianne. ~ Kim R.

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  1. Your first and last name
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  5. A little about your background for wanting a reading on living from the heart. What are some of the main challenges and goals you have in your life now around living a heart-centered life?

After you have made your payment and supplied me with the relevant details, I will confirm your order within 24 hours by return e-mail with your delivery date which is normally within 7 days, but depends on how many are on the waiting list. Your card reading with mini spirit journey and Marianne’s insights will be delivered in PDF format.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me through the contact form.

The work I do is always with the intention of harmony and the highest good of everyone involved. I walk the path of the heart.

The insights and messages from the reading will be delivered via email in pfd format along with a photo of the card(s) I pulled for you. For an extra fee you can also order an audio version of the reading. Contact me for more information.

Your custom reading is always unique and personalized.


My services are not a replacement for medical or other professional services.


Payment must be received before I can begin work on your reading. I do not offer refunds unless for some reason I am unable to complete your order (which has never happened). If you have a question, please send me an email via the contact form in the menu at the top of this page


Delivery time depends on current workload, but is normally within 7 business days. Make sure you supply me with an email address you check regularly, because I will send more details about time of delivery in my confirmation email to you. The reading with the insights and notes will also be sent to you via email.

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