The Open Heart – A Spirit-Guided Meditation

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As we open our heart to spirit, we open our heart to our soul, and to the other living beings we share our Earth journey with. I invite you to join me today on a journey into the heart, and into peace.

In this article I will share a Sacred Spirit Journey (a form of shamanic journey), where I used my Sacred Spirit Writing technique to connect with my spirit guide and capture his message, guiding you into the stillness and peace of your heart, and where you’ll learn about self love and gratitude too.

As I begin the Sacred Spirit Journey, I first become present here where I am, filling out my body with my awareness. I listen to the sounds around me. All the different sounds. And when I feel myself get distracted by some sounds and label them ‘noise’, I remind myself that there’s a stillness within me that none of the external sounds can disturb. I relax into my heart, into the core of my being where stillness and peace resides, and where my spirit guide is clearly present and clearly experienced.

Listen to The Open Heart Meditation
As I find myself in the stillness, peace and light of the heart, I hear my spirit guide say:

“It is in the heart you find stillness. It is in the heart you find the peace that will heal and rejuvenate you. With a closed heart there IS no peace. When your heart opens like a flower, it brings peace within and without, as the shadows of resistance, resentment, anger and regret evaporate.

Let yourself become fully present in your body, fill it out with your awareness, and see how your body gets filled with light; becomes light.

Focus on the heart area and experience how your breathing takes care of itself – inhalation and exhalation. There’s nothing you need to do. Your body is working for you; keeping you healthy and alive every single day. Let yourself be filled with gratitude for the miracle that life is – and for the gift you have been given.

Let go of any negative thoughts you may have about yourself and your body, and let it be as it is. You are okay. You are beautiful as you are. You are unique. Within you is the source of love – ready to be shared with the world. You can only truly share it with others when you share it with yourself, for as you withhold love from yourself, you also withhold it from others.

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Rest in the feeling that all is well – that peace, light and love is your true nature. Share it easily, and receive it openly. It’s a constant flow of giving and receiving that keeps the world moving.

Now move out from the heart to experience your whole body again, physically lying on the floor or sitting on a chair. Listen to the sounds again, open your eyes and look with a soft gaze on what’s around you. Send a silent blessing with your eyes to all that you see and meet. That is one way of sharing your light.

May peace and blessings fill your day.”

I thank my spirit guide and end the journey.


  1. This is beautiful Marianne. It falls in line perfectly with my writing of “being enough as you are” and “appreciating the simple things”. 🙂

  2. This is beautiful Marianne and resonates in my heart 🙂 xxoo

  3. “Send a silent blessing with your eyes to all that you see and meet…” I love this Marianne. My entire body relaxed as I read your beautiful meditation. Thank you! <3

  4. Beautiful meditation Marianne! Looking forward to the recording! blessings

  5. Can’t wait to hear the recording!

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