Full moon message during December super moon

Full moon December 2016 As I begin the Sacred Spirit Journey to receive insights and lessons about the full moon, I start by becoming present, in my body and in the place I am in. Listening to the sounds around me. Letting it all be as it is, seeking the stillness within.

There’s nothing I need to do to reach the stillness – it’s not ‘created’, it’s more ‘revealed’ as part of your essence or being, when you allow yourself to surrender to the Now.

I fill up my body with my awareness – the whole body. Focus on my heart, and notice a little light in my heart. The light flows down to my feet – down into the Earth – creating a network of roots. A network of light.

As I connect with the Earth with light, I suddenly find myself in a forest clearing at night.

A group of us are sitting in a circle, holding hands.

The full moon is shining above, filling us all with moonlight.

Energy flows in the circle. Giving and receiving – light and love.

I ask my spirit guide what the full moon has to teach us. What is our lesson and task?

He says:

“What you are doing now already. Connecting with each other – giving and receiving. Being the light, sharing the light. As each connects with the light and shares the light, all get filled up. All are held in the light.

The full moon is a time to see the light in all. To see past differences and to recognize the light that shines in each one.

A time to generously share your light with others and receive the light that is being offered you.

If you keep this practice in your daily life also, peace will settle and harmony established.

On this full moon night – whether you are alone or not – imagine being in our circle and take part in this sharing of the light.

Keep it simple. Open up to the light, pass it on and receive it as it comes back to you.

We call it the blessing circle.

As you focus doing this ceremony, let your intention or key word be Peace. Hold the intention of peace and see peace being shared along with the light.

As you end, return to yourself. To being present in your body. Send a silent thank you to the others in your circle, and become fully present in your body. Experience yourself grounded in peace, filled with light, centered in your heart. Breathing in peace and breathing out gratitude.


Marianne: What about the rest of the world?

My spirit guide says:

“Your circle can be infinitely big. As you stand in your own light at the end of the ceremony, imagine light roots from your light-filled body going down into the Earth – deep down.

As all do that, the light roots of all connect with each other and bless each other and the Earth.

Then send your focus upwards – a tree crown of light grows out on each – each one becoming a huge light tree.

As all do that, see the whole Earth covered with trees of light.

See the Earth breathing – receiving the light from you all on the inhalation, blessing you all on the exhalation. One Being. And you are part of that Being.”

I thank my spirit guide and end the journey.


  1. “See the earth breathing.” I love that image!

  2. I really love the idea that “the full moon is a time to see the light in all…to see past differences.” What a beautiful concept. <3

    I'll be adding that to my full moon meditations!

  3. Avatar photo Lore Raymond says

    Appreciating the tender messages here, Marianne. I especially like the message to “see past differences” (been working on that since the election) and imagining my “light roots” to connect with others. Great visual.
    Hope you read my post today as we’re Moon SiStars for sure!

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