A message from Mother Mary on healing ourselves and the world

I recently experienced some surprising synchronicities. It all started with a Sacred Spirit Journey I did to connect with a cat in the afterlife on behalf of the cat’s human companion (the Sacred Spirit Journey is a method I use to connect with spirit as well as pets in the afterlife). During that journey, I received a beautiful message from the angel cat which I was to bring to the cat’s human companion. The cat had a gentle, loving, compassionate presence.

As I was about to end the journey, Mother Mary came to us, clearly having a strong connection to the cat (and her owner too, as was confirmed afterwards). The cat and Mother Mary both had a gentle, loving, nurturing energy that makes you feel safe, at peace, cared for, loved. Both the cat’s message and Mother Mary resonated very much with the cat’s human companion.

The presence of Mother Mary did not end here. She showed up again in a healing journey I did for a human. Plus she showed up in other ways in my daily life and online.

In all the years up until now, that I have been doing Sacred Spirit Journeys, Mother Mary has shown up only a few times, and her showing up several times in such a short period of time was quite unusual. I decided to make use of these synchronicities and the fact that Christmas is near, to connect more consciously with Mother Mary in a Sacred Spirit Journey, to hear what she has to teach us.

Please note that Mother Mary’s teachings here are of the heart and are relevant to all, whether you are religious or not. You can read Mother Mary’s message in the Sacred Spirit Journey below.

Journey to meet Mother Mary and receive a message for us all

Thursday, 21 December 2017

As I begin the Sacred Spirit Journey, I hear a gentle voice close by. It is Mother Mary. She says:

“When you open your heart and move from your limited perspective to a perspective that holds infinity, serenity is yours, and all your struggles become pointless, for in surrender lies the peace you are seeking.

In the life most people lead, characterized by feelings of separation, hopelessness, and helplessness, the mind and the fear tend to lead, often in a downward spiral of suffering. But if you connect with your heart and the light that shines within, your path becomes clear and you will experience your connection with infinity. Serenity and peace will be companions, for you know you will never be alone. Support is always available, but you need to ask and move into faith, moving forward with compassion, blessing each one you meet, for that is the path of the heart.”

Mother Mary shows herself to me. She stands beside me with her powerful, gentle, loving presence; caring and nurturing, and bringing peace.

Marianne: “Why are you here now and what is your special message or quality compared to others, for example the Goddess of Compassion?”

Mother Mary says:

“I have a long history and many myths are told about me. While those can be helpful, the best way to learn about me is to open your heart to me, and let my blessings enter your heart and your life.

I hold and bring the gift of compassion, like many others, but my specialty is looking ahead. I hold for you the peace of the present while shining a light forward towards the future where life is lived in and from the hearts of humans, where respect for all beings is embraced again, and where the light within each heart is allowed to shine.

I represent a perspective on life where you find and bring peace and kindness to your own life but also look beyond, envisioning and working to create a future of peace and harmony for coming generations.

We are not here in this world for ourselves only, and I teach you how to serve – how to acknowledge the light within yourself and create an environment for the light to shine in those around you.

Others are not competitors, enemies or threats. They have their own gifts to share, and in your light and with your blessings, they can safely open their heart and let their light shine.

At this time of year when you celebrate Christmas and wish peace to all mankind, I am much present, especially this year that has seen so much suffering, separation, violence and fear.

Call on me now to return to harmony. I am the light that each one finds in his or her heart. My teachings are beyond words, but are transmitted from heart to heart.

Bring heart, kindness, presence and blessings into your life and your dealings with others, and let harmony be your focus. Allow yourself to see beyond the limitations of your situation, but hold a vision with me for a future where peace lives in the heart of each one. Notice when your heart closes in an interaction with another being, and bless them – and forgive yourself for judging, for only when you do, will peace find its way to your heart.

In the coming year when my compassionate and nurturing presence is rising and so needed, see how you can build bridges instead of digging more ditches. See where you can reach out instead of cutting off. The Divine is within each being. Look beyond and judge not by the surface or outer appearance.

Connect with me to find the strength to hold the vision and walk the path of peace.

I am beside you and I am in your heart.

With love.”

We say goodbye and Mother Mary departs. As I return, I see that my heart’s light is shining brightly. I vow to walk in peace and to hold the vision – for me and for the world. I end the journey.

Watch below the Beatles performing “Let It Be”, a song inspired by Mother Mary.

Video link: Let It Be

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  1. Avatar photo Therese says

    Marianne, your message today was for me a divine intervention. I have been struggling with negative and oppressive thinking….yesterday, whilespeaking to a friend we both saw that I needed to just let it be the way it all is without trying to change….your message was a confirmation for me that, in fact, serenity comes by accepting and not judging….compassion….
    i experience this message as a balm given to me through you from the Source of all.
    Thank you. Therese

  2. Thank you. This is so beautiful. Sharing. Love, Jane

  3. Avatar photo Linda Miller says

    Thanks so much for sharing this message from Mother Mary – I love it, simple, but so inspiring! I love the idea of opening our hearts to Mary’s blessings to get to really know her; also love the thought of connecting with Mary to learn to serve from the heart and walk the path of peace thru forgiveness. Mary’s comment about the divine in all of us reminds me of an expression I once heard describing animals as “Divine Sparks”! Hope you and Laurence and your 4-footed furbabies are having a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Avatar photo Elise Hoy says

    Thank You Marianne…Mary has always been a Divine Presence in my life. When I breathe in the lovely scent of a beautiful gardenia flower, she is there. Merry Christmas to you and Laurence* xo

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